What new music this year have you been inspired by?


2022 has been a pretty cool year for music so far, in every genre!
What new albums, singles, music has come out that has inspired you and could serve as inspiration for other fawmers?
For me, I've been really enjoying Brazilian singer-songwriter Tim Bernardes's second album "Mil Coisas Invisiveis" ("A Thousand Little Thoughts" in English). Tim was a featured artist on the Fleet Foxes song "Going-to-the-Sun Road" and is now opening for them on many dates for their Shore Tour this summer. His sophomore album came out this past May, and I love the whole thing, but especially the songs "Nascer, Viver, Morrer", "Meus 26", and "A Balada de Tim Bernardes".
I've also been following Justin Vernon's 37d03d record label closely, and one of their newest releases has intrigued me. It's an avant-jazz record called "Revelators" by a new group called Revelators Sound System, a collaboration between producer Cameron Ralston and Hiss Golden Messenger frontman M.C. Taylor. It's only four songs, but has amazing textures and musical ideas.
Another one of the year's best releases so far in my opinion is Leyla McCalla's "Breaking the Thermometer". I loved Leyla's work on the 2019 Smithsonian Folkways collaboration "Songs of our Native Daughters" (created with Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah, and Allison Russell) and her solo music is mesmerizing. She melds Haitian field recordings, folk songs, and oral history with her eclectic cello playing and singing for an amazing multicultural experience.
Other honorable mentions so far are Porcupine Tree's new album "CLOSURE / CONTINUATION", Andrew Bird's "Inside Problems", and Big Thief's "Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You".
Drop your favorite new releases below!! Can't wait to hear some great suggestions!


Lotte - Woran hältst du dich fest, wenn alles zerbricht?

(“What do you hold on to when everything is breaking apart?”)

A weird little piece about a girl leaving a violent boyfriend. Surely not everybody’s taste, but I love how they use the effects and voice.



I haven't listened to much from 2022 so far.

Rina Sawayama is building up to another amazing album with two fantastic singles so far. "This Hell" and "Catch Me In The Air" are two wonderful high production Pop tunes.

Utada Hikaru's newest album BAD Mode was very good, so was SCANDAL's Mirror.

Haru Nemuri's new album Shunka Ryougen was really cool and full of great tunes.


Despite the pandemic I've managed to see Devin Townsend at the Royal Albert Hall and John McLaughlin at the Bridgewater Hall. John is 80 years young, and still shredding!


The new Ghost for sure. What an amazing album.

And some Yournalist, local band with not a l ot of listens, but an amazing sound.


While I haven’t listened that much to new music lately I’ve enjoyed a couple 2022 releases.

Ko Shin Moon - Minatures 2
Anatolian psychrock on analog synths


Branko Mataja - Over Fields and Mountains
A beautiful collection of a self released music from the 70’s by a LA based Yugoslavian immigrant, reimagining music from his home country and youth for dreamy multitracked guitar tunes


Horseface - Sanakirjan takana
A Swedish quirky post punk/synth pop band singing in Finnish



i don't listen that much, not sit down listen, or if i do it's in the context of something else, like video tutorials on youtube. So in that respect i have recently been inspired by Billie Eilish and Finneas - from an angle of their writing and production but i also really like the whole thing. (eg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBJ914ha6LQ )

And i like to listen to naff phone-in radio and one of my regular stations have an annoyingly short playlist, (i usually turn it over when they play music) but one that they were playing over and over that really hit a spot for me is Harry Styles As It Was. I am sure that is very cheesy - see my post earlier - but it earwormed me in a nice way, which isn't usually the way of earworms, and i just really like it :). I am a big Robbie Williams fan and Harry struck me as the Robbie of One Direction from the start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5v3kku4y6Q

For a less mainstream inspiration, Fawm's very own @petemurphy is enjoyable and inspiring listen for me, i love both the musicality of it and the creative expression/experimentation. I love the catchy wonky pop tunes! https://petemurphy.bandcamp.com/


Someone on Mastodon mentioned "lo-fi wizard music" and I was like, "ah, man, I want to make some of that."

I didn't know how to make it "properly" but I did know a thematic way to fake it. "The Glowcourt Project" has a typical (for isekai anime) setup where someone finds themself transported to another world and it is sort-of kind-of like an RPG video game. Glowcourt finds himself suddenly with a passive background music skill that he just can't turn off.


It's CC-BY instrumental electronic music with each album being ~60 minutes long. Technically it is cut-up hymns, which thematically makes sense as it's basically provided by a local deity of that world.

Anyway, right now I have 9 of the 14 albums posted. The last 5 are all recorded and uploaded, but I've been dragging my feet when it comes to naming the tracks.

Once the last album goes live, I'll make the whole discography available so folks can grab them all-at-once and it'll be done.


Stereo Banana!


New?? I make the (good) old live anew.


The Cactus Blossoms third record "One Day" came out back in February and have listened to that a ton.


I go through a lot of new music for a weekly radio show I do with my wife, so often hear stuff I think is great Unfortunately it's always hard to remember all of it - I should go through the playlists and take note.

One song I just thought of, which is why I'm posting it, is a great Eulogy song - worth listening to for inspiration.
Craig Finn - Messing with the Settings

I'll post more as I think of them!

Enjoying Yard Act - 100% Endurance (Elton John Version)
some motivational post punk


I finally got around to watching Breaking Bad this year (Only 14 years late!) and the music by Dave Porter was incredibly inspirational. I've been listening to a lot of his stuff since.

On the more metal side though, Ice Nine Kills is inspiring a lot of amazing lyrical wizardry for me.


It's not out yet, but Arch Enemy are releasing an album at the end of the month. Their single, "House of Mirrors", blew me away. I think it's at "Bohemian Rhapsody" level, to be honest. Absolutely brilliant death metal.

I'm gonna be getting the CD as soon as possible.

Most of the things that have inspired me this year are actually old albums that are new to me. Like, System of a Down's "Toxicity". Bought that a couple weeks ago and it was incredible. But not a 2022 release other than the Arch Enemy stuff.


Ive absolutely loved these releases so far this year;

Maren Morris - Humble Quest - some fabulous songwriting and a gorgeous set of songs!

Zach Bryan - American Heartbreak - A masterclass in songwriting! very raw, and impactful

new to me;

Bros Landreth - '87 - what an album! i play it in its entirety at least once a week still since discovering it!


Well I mostly listened to my friends music and Soundcloud. Left tons of comments there.

The only professional albums from 2021/2022 that I listened to were rather heavy...

Spiritbox - Eternal Blue
Evanescence - The Bitter Truth
Annisokay - Aurora
Tetrarch - Unstable
Epica - Omega
... looking forward to the new Electric Callboy.


@pianoonthepatio introduced me to Porter Robinson this FAWM, and I've been listening to him ever since. Its not new stuff, but its new to me.
Also not new but new to me is the entire genre of City Pop, which I got lost in listening to a spotify playlist of the stuff.
Both have inspired me, but I have failed to produce any fruits form that inspiration :(


new album from Florence+the Machine. Dance Fever.
newly discovered and released John Coltrane A Love Supreme Live in Seattle


love 18, the jeff beck/ johnny depp collaboration. beck hasnt sounded this good since his outings with rod stewart and depp isnt a great singer but he holds his own.


A Love Supreme Live in Seattle is killer - as is the story behind the recordings.

Quite into this Ben Reilly track at the moment. He's like a cross between JPEG Mafia and Kendrick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPGSo4F-4qc


I saw Lilith Czar and The Warning in concert last month (opening for Halestorm) and they were both great. So I bought the new Lilith CD, Created From Filth and Dust and I'm gonna get the new The Warning album, Error.

My only regret from that show is that The Pretty Reckless had to cancel due to illness. I was looking forward to them the most.


@phlex a friend of mine, saxophonist steve griggs, found that tape while cataloging flute player joe brazil's archives in the wake of joes death. while in seattle, coltrane jammed with brazil and others, which resulted in the OM album, and brazil was also in the large ensemble that played with coltrane during his engagement at the penthouse.. they played a love supreme on the first night of the gig,and no note was made of it, althoug it was only the second time it was played live. fortunately joe recorded it. i wonder why he never brought it to anybodys attention earlier.


Thanks for all the great recommendations from everyone! So grateful for so much new music to check out!

A few recent inspirational highlights for me:
Tim Heidecker - 'High School'
Sharon Silva- 'Scorekeeper' (single)
Micheal Rault - 'Right on Time'
The Heavy Heavy - 'Life and Life Only'
Dora Jar - 'comfortably in pain'
Sylvie - 'Stealing Time' (single)
Colyn Cameron - 'Freehand'
Louis Cole - 'Let it Happen' (single)
Cheekface - 'Too Much Too Ask'


That Arch Enemy CD I've been looking forward to gets released tomorrow! Squee!!! And I actually have enough money to buy it!

Hopefully one of my local stores has 1 in stock. Could be maybe 26 hours 'til I get to listen to it! Ahhhh!!!


Just had a thought.

The CD is being released in stores tomorrow. That means the store already has it in the back. Those jerks are keeping my CD hostage for legal reasons! They must be stopped!!!


Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! NEW CD!!!


It's awesome. Tracks 1, 6 and 7 were my favourites. 1 and 7 were pre-released as singles with music videos on YouTube, but track 6 was brand new to me. Sooooo good!

If you like death metal, buy this album RIGHT NOW. Seriously.

Arch Enemy - Deceivers


I've been really enjoying Dropout Boogie by The Black Keys. It might be their best album yet. Also not a recent release, 2019, but only recently discovered by me, Good Luck Kid by Joseph has been my jam lately as well. Those girls can absolutely sing.


I also enjoyed "Dropout Boogie". "Profound Mysteries" by Royksopp was good (and had a really nice collaboration with Alison Goldfrapp). 'Wet Leg' are a pretty good new band.

But not really inspiring - more scratching the itch for some new music. I think the last thing that I found really inspiring was Holly Herndon's 'Platform' back in 2015.