Spitfire Labs Help Needed!


My Spitfire Labs has been a bit dodgy now and then but I've always been able to get it working but it's completely missing when I open my DAW (Reaper).

I downloaded the Spitfire BBC Orchestra which took some time to get up and running but once BBC Orchestra started working LABS disappeared.

I have tried the following:
Opening Labs and doing a repair
Rebooting my computer
Rescanning my plug ins

Any advice is VERY welcome, I use LABS a lot to create atmosphere and I am quite sad and frustrated. :(


Have you done a 're-scan' of plug-ins, making sure the path to the folder Labs is in is included?


The app may have got confused if you've installed BBC SO Discover to a different path to the one you used for LABS. This video shows you how to check that the files and samples you need are in the right place:

I've experienced the same behaviour, not just with LABS but also with some of Spitfire's paid products; they just stop working. Following the steps in the link below always works for me in bringing them back. https://spitfireaudio.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005196074--Error-1-Something-went-wrong-in-Spitfire-instrument