Which of your songs is not getting much in the way of comments?


So this is one of those 'first world problems' so to speak (meaning, hey I do feel ever-so-slightly guilty in posting, but not guilty enough to not post, lol!) ...but as the old familiar patterns of 5090 or fawm come out again, sometimes songs of mine (and others) that were skirmishes (or for whatever reason were done quick) get a fair bit of comments, while something worked on longer, and/or was a little outside the comfort zone (or just something I wanted some more feedback on) gets very few comments.

I'm sure it happens to many of us, but I thought I'd start this thread, feel free to list a song of yours that 'could use more comments' for whatever reason. I'll try to comment on what i see here on this thread as well.

Here's one of mine, that only has one comment thus far .....would love to hear another comment or two :)



I'm behind on listening and commenting. Tried to get to a few over the weekend. I can use some feedback on recent writes. "Seven of Swords" has a section that needs work and there are 3 or 4 others that have gone unloved. Likely everything from "The Arrow That Is Not Aimed" to "When Your Problems Became Mine".


I have been so lax in listening since joining 50-90. I am usually one of the top listeners at FAWM. But I have had such a lot happen recently, family crises, the last surviving sibling of my father dying (off to the funeral in Britain on Saturday and be away for 10 days), etc.

I publicly promise here that from now on (circumstances permitting) I will repay the compliment by listening to at least one song by everyone who comments on song I post from here one in and if I get time, on the songs I have already posted.

Meanwhile, I am off to give Mike's unloved song a listen.


To my own suprise I can say that I am more than satisfied with the numbers and the quality of comments I have received on my songs.
Maybe it is because I have only made 9 songs yet ;-)
But to me 5090 feels really cosy and relaxed.

@berni1954 : I am sorry for your loss! I hope you feel better soon.


As of the time I post this a couple of my pieces in the style of some of the old masters (Fats Waller and Django Reinhardt) have gotten one comment or less. I'm not sure why or whether there even is a reason. But at the very least these pieces are helping me improve my Band-In-A-Box technique, and I like to think they're pushing me to do better at mastering and mixing.

Actually in that vein I would love some constructive criticism on these two songs, whether it's about the structure, the style, or the mixing.

Uptown Friday Night

September Sunrise


Well I went on a spree of privating due to 70% of them not getting any comments at all. I was active posting comments up until then. Think I received about 8 comments in total on 20 listings or so, ( 4 of them were talking about my demo listing not working somehow )as opposed to the 50 comments I left. I felt sad, so I self distructed. Still a long way to go with this social perfection thing….

I wondered if I was being over sensitive. But I’ve noticed lack of comments in my last 5090 too. Started getting paranoid thinking people despised me or something, or there was something going on to put people off.

I’ve thought about quitting the site at times

Sorry for making this solely about me, but I didn’t want to make a thread to appear like I’m airing insecurities. But I’m here now doing it I guess! Just in a relevant thread

I don’t know what’s going on. But I wonder whether it’s me or if this is the norm and has been for a while

Would be interesting to see the ratio of comments to song listings overall over the course of the challenge as an aside. To see what amount of comments are received per song on average.

Likely I’m being a softie and this is normal. Like I bet a huge amount of people don’t get many comments if at all


I'd offer, @chldomn5 , that it sometimes takes a little time to 'find your people' here..many of us have been on the site for years and therefore have some 'favorites' that we go to-- but there are new people joining all the time, I'd say perhaps, unlock more of your stuff so people can hear, but maybe another productive idea would be to participate in one of the challenges here (such as the weekly sunday afternoon 'skirmishes' (look for various challenges in the forums) - most of the time, if you participate in one of those, and comment on others' songs for that challenge, they will listen and comment on yours. Don't take 'i didn't get x number of comments' too personal, and hang in there! :)


Yes, 50-90 is Way Less Active than FAWM in February.
During FAWM I get around 45% reciprocal comments but during 50-90 it has only been around 20-25% reciprocal comments back.
This is only my second 50-90 (did 10 FAWMs) but that less active aspect of 50-90 seems to be the Norm.

I am trying to get used to it.
Still a Very Cool Place!


New here, and really appreciate the seasoned vet's perspective on this, and what to look forward to about FAWM. I really enjoy this community so far...I just want to find my people, but it takes time. Thanks for some perspective. 👍


@chldomn5 Thanks for your honesty - this is important and necessary.
I agree with @mikeskliar (thanks for open up this thread) it takes some time to find your people and its helpful ton join challenges and skirmishes.
From my own experience I can say that being creative by making music or writing poems always shows a piece of myself. Sometimes it is a very sensitive piece which wants to be seen and noticed in a gentle and lovingly way by others. To get no comments feels like being ignored to me. This didn't happen yet but I am sure it will happen some day. To get comments on my songs is important to me cause this community is the only place where I can share my music. Here I find people who are interested in my songs. It surprises me every time it happens - I am an absolutely newbie in making music. I even started to learn e-bass in Feb this year and I work with Garageband since May last year. I can not sing. But I got a huge need to express what is inside me. And I do this with music and poems.
I can absolutely understand that you are disappointed about the resonance on your songs. This is human. And therefore this thread is so important: cause here we can asked for comments.

To write comments is not so easy for me cause I am not a native English speaker. That's why my comments are not as detailed as I think they should be. The other reason is I listen to songs with my heart and I write bout what they move inside me or what I imagine when I listen. Also sometimes I am not sure if I understood the lyrics in the right way and I decide to write nothing better than to write something wrong.


@mahtowin I wouldn't worry about understanding a song "wrong". Any interpretation you can make of a piece of art is a valid one. Only speaking for myself, of course, but if someone interprets my song in a way I didn't intend it, that's incredibly valuable information to me as a writer.

And @chldomn5 Generally speaking if a song goes ignored it's not because it's bad let alone personal animosity towards the author. People just simply didn't see/hear it. Over the years my watchlist has grown large and often I focus on them first and only after that I start browsing the song list or click on someone semi-randomly on the forum. I also reciprocate commenting surely but sometimes it takes time. It's unfortunate that some new people aren't getting enough support and inclusion, but it's somewhat inevitable.


I am grateful for all the comments I have received but funnily my favourite to date has the least comments (it was even marked favourite) https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/songs/653

On the other issues raised. I think listening is definitely lower this year for many reasons. The guys who run this do an awesome job and we are very lucky but it is a bit disjointed this year. There is a thread somewhere where many people were saying they find it hard to keep track of comments without a comment count! Almost all of the people suggested they were lower on there listening. I think I have made the most comments in Fawm and 50/90 for at least the last 3 years but circumstances for me mean I am down about 50%. So many people I know who comment lots seem to be low this year. I agree with others as well it does take a while to " build a following" I think I commented at least 5 for every 1 for the first 2 or 3 seasons, but I found in time what comes around goes around. I am hopeful to get back into listening a lot more shortly. Hang in there everyone! This is a great place even if it's not probably in top gear at the moment.


I have no idea how much I commented, I just listen to most songs of my watchlist, follow certain hashtags and click randomly on usernames I don't know... or funny song titles to discover new people. Try to listen to FAWMlings (new members) and Zongs (uncommented songs) here and there. There are filters for these in the song section.

This is my first 50/90 and it is soooooooo more chill in comparison to FAWM. Don't take it personally if people don't comment. You can easily get lost in the sheer amount of songs. And sometimes, people listen, enjoy and don't comment because you made them speechless, feel uncomfortable with writing in English, or just have no clue about the genre.


So true @massnerdy . Yes , @coolparadiso I to am down in my listening count.

The last few year with covid-19 rampant world wide, people had the time to do more music and listening. But since things have opened up and specially for 5090 the summer travel bug ( that's a good bug to have) and general life have taken a priority. However, if i recall correctly, the month of Sept the music and comments do pick up. Burr, Eric and Beto can drop some numbers on us..I love numbers.


Quite interesting the way this thread has evolved! I've also found over my many years of 5090ing that the people who have become my people can come and go, too. Although some like @mikeskliar have been my people since I started.
The songs of mine that get fewer comments tend to be instrumentals. That's fine with me, since many/most of them are mainly ways for me to practice technique on various instruments, so not necessarily keepers.


It's interesting which songs or lyrics get lots of comments and which get few - it doesn't always work out the way that I might have expected.

One of mine that I thought might get more comments is one of the recent lyrics I posted, called 'Get Everything Wrong'


All of mine really 😅 “Songs about you” has 0 comments (but it has no demo)

Money and Supermoon have some comments about how my demo didn’t work, so if anyone wants to check those out and comment now that the demos up, that’d be cool :)


Sometimes I wonder if the way to slow down comments on a song is to post another one too soon after ;). Still, this is one that's been brewing at the back of my mind for months now and I finally got something written so I'd be interesting to know what people think. https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/songs/2709


I have one that could use some more love. Warning, it's NSFW!



A collab with a new demo.


Activity in general seems to be pretty slow. In the past couple of days I posted two new songs and a collaboration where I added music to an existing set of lyrics. In that same amount of time I've only seen two songs posted by people I follow, no comments on any of my songs including the new ones, and one comment on my soundboard--which was about the collaboration.

I'm not trolling for comments or anything, and maybe this is just the way 50/90 works. It just seems like during FAWM songs generate a lot more activity, although that could be because I'm used to posting songs during skirmishes, which can easily generate 15-20 comments.


@chris_buono is a new lyric writer, and new to this family. He has some very fine lyrics on his page, but they haven’t been found yet. I added a demo to one of his lyrics.


@tuneslayer - Regarding activity being slow: I've found over the years that by sticking around all the way til Oct 1 (and maybe a couple weeks beyond), I'm pretty pleased with the number of comments both received and given. By those last few weeks, it's down to a pretty manageable number of folks who have formed a nice we're-still-here bond.
Earlier I mentioned instrumentals might not getting as many comments. I've also noticed/experienced that collabs might not get as many, especially the kind that are lyrics-first. That's why I like to check the demo updated thread. Perhaps we should add (maybe I'll do it myself after work today!) a share-your-collabs thread.


Another way to get few comments is to post a non-skirmish song during a skirmish. I've done that by accident a few times over the years. 😀