Cover "I Enjoy Being a Girl" LGBTQIA+ style #needs_collab


#needs_collab #needs_lyrics #needs_vocals

In the "Something from the Shelf" challenge I received the challenge to make a song inspired by the 1960s musical movie "Flower Drum Song".

The musical features a song called "I Enjoy Being a Girl", in that the female protagonist sings how cool it is to be all girlie. I'm thinking of covering this piece, and giving it a queer direction.

Of course I could simply flip it into "I Enjoy Being a Boy", but that would be obvious and lame, right? The song has also been sung by drag queens in the past, so dressing up as Conchita Wurst would not be that innovative, either.

I thought whether it might be an opportunity to throw in some modern perspective and true queerness and give the lyrics a new shape?

For example, I could imagine reframing it to something like @yam655 's "Being here, being queer" which adds the ace/aro view and says things like "I'm not feeling particularly sexy.
/ I'm not feeling particularly manly. // I've never felt particularly femme."

Or @complexissimple 's idea to turn this into "I Enjoy Presenting Femme"?

Let me know if you like the idea and would like to work with me on this. I'd make a musical arrangement (unless you'd like to), and could sing male vocals (if suited). I'd definitely prefer some help with the lyrics. Vocalists and instrumentalists welcome, too.


@florianhoffmann Maybe put "needs collab" in the thread title?


@florianhoffmann Well, no one else seems interested one way or the other, so I guess I'll step forward and offer to actually help.

I'm a lyricist, vocal melody (and harmony) writer, and vocalist, and would be happy to provide any or all of those to this project.

I'm pretty good at sounding like a female soprano, a male tenor, a boy soprano, or a man singing falsetto. Or I can try for something a little more androgynous-sounding. Whatever is appropriate to the gender presentation you end up going with for the song.

So what stage are you at with this? Have you made any decisions? Do you have any snippets of lyrics or music written? Are you planning to do it as a parody, keeping the basic melody and structure of "I Enjoy Being a Girl", or maybe do more of a pastiche that evokes that song while being its own thing?


Oh, @complexissimple, how did I miss this post of yours?! 😨 So sorry! 🤕 I must have overlooked it when I didn't check MyFAWM regularly for a couple of days ... didn't mean to ignore you!

It would be an honor to work with you! I love the vocals you put up on SoundCloud.

(Hope you don't step forward only because you feel obliged to, because nobody else responded so far, or you put up this challenge?! 😅)

I haven't started on this project, yet. My first idea was to arrange an orchestral variation of the original, maybe 2:00 in length - like the piano variations of the tune - and put it together with a different text. But I'm open for other ideas as well.

Another idea I'm toying with is to start out like the original, with all those fancy orchestral ornaments. Then suddenly break out into something entirely different, like a distorted guitar part or a techno intermezzo, as a stark antipole ... Then finally bring the two contrasting worlds together to show that no matter how differently we sound, it will still sound glorious together.

From a lyrics perspective, I like that central statement of So, yes, I'm queer, and yes, I have hips and all that, but what's the matter with it - I'm just sitting here reading a book, like everybody else, what does sex have to do with it?