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I welcome collaboration. I never turn down a collab. But I never put anyone on the spot either. Just ask. The answer is yes.

Songs (15):

[avatar] The Further Adventures of Dynamo Hum #train by @yewnorker #train 3
[avatar] my god by @yewnorker 1
[avatar] Desaparecidos by @yewnorker 2
[avatar] Big City Now by @yewnorker 2
[avatar] Jesus In The Toast by @yewnorker 6
[avatar] Comes A Callin' by @yewnorker 2
[avatar] Joshua Slocum With Enough Oakum by @yewnorker 1
[avatar] My Getaway by @yewnorker 2
[avatar] [avatar] Same Old Movie, Different War by @billwhite51 + @yewnorker 10
[avatar] [avatar] Same Old Movie Different War by @mandolinda + @yewnorker 8
[avatar] Nothin We Can Do by @yewnorker 1
[avatar] Same Old Movie Different War by @yewnorker 2
[avatar] Ya Hear Me Flossie? #cowcore by @yewnorker #cowcore 3
[avatar] Farmers Market (Cucumber Man) by @yewnorker 2
[avatar] 4th of July by @yewnorker 2


Hi Pat. I am thinking about adding songs to my Bandcamp page again, and wondered if you were OK if I added Same Old Movie, Different War. I have practiced my instrument a bit more and am getting a bit better, so I would redo the music but keep it very much the same style. I did a couple other songs related to WW 2, and I think they would make an interesting combination on one album. I put up my pages free to listen and download.


Thanks for your comments on Gone Fishing. You are so right!


Thanks Pat, I have finished writing lyrics now until the book is done, I may try to get some of the ones already posted here set to music.


thanks for your kind words on Only Human.


vertigo...wow. That's really really debilitating. I have bouts of vertigo from having minor meniere's disease. I do feel for you....hang in there.


Thank you so much for your comment on Fleeting Moments! It really made me feel good. I appreciate that.


I have been thinking about Same Old Movie Different War. I would like to give it a try. Let me know if OK.


And ditto for dropping in to give "Honey You Already Are" your attention. Cheers.


Thank you for giving a listen to "Clock Into Our Life".


Thank you for your kind comments re: Jelly Roll.
Do you want to see what you can do with it?


wow. that must have been shortly after he left ornette and recorded are you glad to be in america? i would love to have seen him in those early days.


when did you meet james? i met him in charlotte, north carolina in 1998.


Pat, good to see you here and thanks for the comment on The Day of Your Return. Have a great 50/90!


Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my Old Friend lyric. Glad you liked it. :)