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I'm a writer of science fiction, fantasy, and songs as well as a musician. I loves cats and chocolate, and have a nice collection of acoustic instruments. My pronouns are zie/zir or she/her.

I can also be found as Wyld_Dandelyon on Twitter and DreamWidth, and on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Wyld_Dandelyon You can find a lot of my song lyrics there, and other creative stuff too.

I've decided this year to at least try to post songs with demos instead of just lyrics, though I might post lyrics to Patreon before I have a demo. Or maybe not. But I found in previous FAWMs that people rarely had time to circle back and listen to a demo when they'd already commented on just-the-lyrics, and besides, it's good to have the whole thing properly memorialized.

I don't have lots of skill with recording. I am pretty sure everything I do qualifies as an acoustic-one-take, at least so far.


FAWM History: I really should've added my total every year. But I didn't, so most of the years' totals are my best guess. I know I have (somewhere) the FAWM archive of songs and comments for at least some of these years; if I find those I will update the numbers.

2016 2 or 3

2017 3 or 4

2018 5 or 6

2019 7 or 8

2020 15 songs

2021 Update: It's been so great everybody. Wow--32 songs, and a bunch of song fragments besides. And I listened to so many songs too. SO
MUCH MUSIC! Thanks, everybody!!!

2022 43 songs. I'm stunned! It's been so much fun.