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Wobbie Wobbit

2022 is my 11th 50/90.
I write some #comedy songs, some just whatever songs (most usually have at least a "gentle #humour", some are more "serious".), sometimes a kids' song and maybe some short instrumentals, spoken word and sketches. I like writing songs about everyday things.
Some songs are recording-only songs that I couldn't possibly do live but I also try to get some "keepers" for live gigs.
I have no idea what will come out of this 50/90 and I'm looking forward to some games, skirmishes and challenges.
Most of all I just like being part of it.


songs from previous FAWMs and 50/90s are on my website:


Options by @wobbiewobbit #synth 8
Wombling At The Wake by @wobbiewobbit + @richaaaay #blues #tribute #bernardcribbins 26
Not Dissociated by @wobbiewobbit #synth #spokenword 13
Wired Up Right by @wobbiewobbit 12
MacGuffin by @wobbiewobbit + @richaaaay #banter #fun 30
Wimbledon Ladies and Gents by @wobbiewobbit #acoustic #skirmish #summer 23
Go Away Properly by @wobbiewobbit #ukpolitics #political #topical 25
Go Away by @wobbiewobbit #not_political #political 23
Ridin' The Train by @wobbiewobbit #train #challenge 50


Hi, Wobbie! Thank you for jamming to my song! You’re the second person to say it sounds like a beach song. I want to hear your songs!❤️

thanks, wobbs. You need to ask me that in about 3 weeks when this headache hell is over. They are fewer per dauand a little less intense but that's how it goes. 14 weeks starts and ends with a ping behind the eye, the middle of the hump is unbearable, and the fatigue of constantly interrupted sleep is wearing.
How you doing? Perfectly well I hope! :)


Yup, there are a few tracks of pitched-down cello in there.
Pitch shifting is one of my general go-to techniques.

Thanks for all your great comments!


That's me! Or the closest I could do in Adobe Character Animator. I plan on using that software for a bunch of lectures in the fall. It's dead simple to use. Better than them having to watch me on camera. 😬


Here's a video that is nothing like what you suggested, but that's mainly a result of my own limitations! 😀 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYOwMRjEBLI

Glad you liked "Look Sharp" and it could provide the vibe for your hot summer day!

Thanks for the kind comment on I'm Not Sick!


Oh, now I am absolutely going to make a video for it. Thank you for the very kind comments!!!


Thank you, Wobbie! I just hope that my drummer doesn't use my chop sticks for drumming. Wok on!


Thanks, Wobbie, for checking out I'm Not Sick. Your attention and insight is always most appreciated.

Hi. I wondered if you might like to do something with my Abduction lyric? Something a little futuristic and quirky.

Somehow my follow of you didn't show up. I'll have to catch up!


Great! I do believe you know the tag:
"Sub-atomic, blasting the sound coming out your speakers. This is the jelly factory."

Wobbie, Thank you for all your observations on Broken. Glad you liked the whole feel of it...and the word "golden." :)


Hey Wobbie - do you suppose you could record a Jelly Factory tag line for me? Let me know and I'll fill you in.


Thx Wobbie..very kind words and astute description . That was the feel we were going for. See u Tuesday.


Thank you, Wobbie, for dropping in and offering encouragement on Honey You Already Are. A positive response is a treasure. Sorry to be so slow in offering thanks.

Hi there. Thanks for the comment on my 10ishx10ish with Liz. Those are always fun to do.

Thank you Wobbie for your lovely comment on Jack in the box. I thought the writer's block was broken but it's back! I'm just going to keep learning other people's songs on Simply Piano till something clicks and I start creating songs. Love your songs by the way, they are awesome!

Thank you again, Wobbs. It's not pretty here, and won't be for about 6 weeks until this cluster cycle does it's business and leaves me alone, forever I hope, or at least a few years if I'm to have sadly got back onto the horse I tought I'd left behind in the hell it belonged.
I hope you're doing ok. I owe you a few listens, but right now, when my shell shocked brain allows it I have several ongoing projects I try to focus on to keep them moving along. Including the latest GIMME15. Is that something you might be interesteed in adding 15-24 seconds too? I'd love to have a Wobbs take on what 10 of us are slowly developing there. https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/forums/86
I might just have a perfect British tinker "prompt" (or 2) for a creative microscope. LOL.


I used to think tea was always mild and weak, but then I started using loose-leaf tea and using 2-3x as much tea as recommended. Still, there are better and worse teas. An Earl Grey, or a chai with cardamom or cloves, though? They do the job better than coffee, which really only ever has one flavor in comparison. (I don't use creams or syrups.)

Thank you for your lovely comments on my songs, much appreciated.


Thanks for your lovely comments on She's My Wildflower. A video would be a nice addition once the song is complete. Maybe someday 🙂

Thanks wobbie! I’m excited to get a collab goin. I don’t care what it is I know it’ll be fun. I’ve had one of your FAWM tracks stuck in my head for months “HIP (hip) HOP (hop) BE (be) BOP (boo)”

Such a cool track especially with the lil bebop run in there…

Thanks for your comment on "Falling". You got the concept exactly! I've been working to be a bit less literal and let the listener do some of the lifting. I'm glad that translated here.


Thanx for your Comment on "It Doesn't Make Any Sense"!
I did not think of the Steve Reich comparison when I was making that, but it certainly is apt. Just goes to show how deeply we internalize our influences, yes?

Wobbie, your comment on Bonnie and Clyde sent me to the internet to check out Walk Tall, and then I stumbled onto your website--What a find! I was totally delighted with If I Were a Baker! Each new verse made me chuckle more. Your resume is quite something! You certainly have carved out a great career in performance arts. My hat is off to you.

Thanks for listening and the comment on my song. I truly value and trust your input.


Thanks for my first "phwoar!" of 50/90! Glad you liked those two. I'm encouraged to put another one up now that I've been surreptitiously fiddling with since yesterday afternoon...

i was really limited last fawm and 50 90 because of my hernia. i had to sing very carefully to avoid a rupture. also, the quality of my voice was compromised by that and other health problems. now i have more freedom and better tone, although my upper registers are shot.

Wobbie, Thank you for your impressions on Broken. You got what I was trying to say!

excellent! my email is aburozskiwork@gmail i'll play bass or guitar or whatever you want!!

Hey wobbie! We gonna do a collab this summer? I finally worked up the courage to ask lol


Thanks for your thoughtful comments on Another Side To Me. Very much appreciated :)

Hi Wobbie!

Thanks for the comments on I Hate Love. They brought me to your train song, which I really liked!


Thank you for the kind words! Working on a train song today. :)

“Dance/rock fusion” - I like that! Thank you!

Can i quote you on your technical terms “the twiddly bits” :-)

Wobbie!!! Of course I would look forward to that!!! Ridin’ The Train…what a great start to 50/90.

Howdy & thanks for reviewing "Where The Lonesome Cowboys Ride"

Ah, so it is 50/90! Really looking forward to your creative and quirky brilliance!


Looking forward to hearing your songs.

I hope you have the best 50/90 yet, Wobbie! Criss, I mean Boss, meows so 😂


And let's get to work and do something weird. ;-)

Hey there, happy 50/90!

Happy 50/90! Happy 50/90!!!

Hello, Wobble- happy 50/90!




Here's to an all around terrific 50/90! Have fun (I know I will listening to your music)!

Hey Wobbie, have a great 5090!

Have a wonderful 50/90, Den!