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Mt. Mélodie


Musical omnivore and jack of a some trades:
A singer/guitarist, bass, keyboards/ synths, #omnichord #theremin , autoharps, zither, bouzouki/mandolins, melodica, clarinet, musical saw, various noisy gadgets and then I usually manage to program/fake the things I can't play.

I enjoy collaborating with lyricist since I often struggle with coming up with lyrics quickly. But also love collaborating with adventurous and experimental musicians.

Influences #mortgarson #dungen #nickdrake #altingün #georgiomoroder #phoebebridgers #robertwyatt #can

I've released two albums and EP with material from earlier FAWM's and 50/90's, and working on my third full length album set for a fall 2022 release.



I also make music with other humans
Suburban Savages (prog/art rock)
The Samuel Jackson Five (post-rock)
Koppen (hip hop/bricolage digi-funk)

Songs (5):

Kaiju Exquisite Corpse by @plainwhitetoast + 16 others 6
Experimental Corpse - The Sinister Kittens From Dimension X by @fuzzy + 4 others #kittens #teamwork-makes-the-dream-work #experimental #exquisite_corpse 14
Prog CORPSE CARRION by @headfirstonly + 3 others 9
[avatar] Tonight We’ll Count All The Stars by @w1n #progressive_rock #mellow #odd_time_signature #mellotron 6
[avatar] Now We’ve Got Numbers by @w1n #electronic #instrumental #polymetric #progressive_rock 6


Hey! I'm just informing, that I took you out of the digital 4-track, because we're hitting deadlines. I dissolved your chain. It's up to you if you continue your seed song on your own or with your successor, but you should inform them in case you shared some data.


Hi Thomas. Always a pleasure to hear from you. You are welcome to the song, whenever you find the time to address it.

I also haven't forgotten about your offer to mix my latest compilation - but it's hit a standstill with two of the tracks. I'm trying to prompt the last two contributors to put on the 'finishing' touches; I will let you know when that happens.

All the best for 5090.


Well hello to you! Yeah that’s kind of my plan, too. Who knows what else might happen…. How are things with you?


Thank you! Looking forward to hearing your magic!


Hello, happy 50/90 to you to!


Hope you have a great 50/90!!


Hey hey! Happy 50/90, looking forward to your stuff as always!


And to you! Happy 50/90-ing!


Hey hey, happy 50/90!


Hey there - here's to a terrific 50/90 season. I look forward to hearing what you come up with!


Hope you have a great 50/90!