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Songwriting for years. Here for my 4 ( or maybe 5th, 6th? ) 50/90 attempt.
On collaborating- If I am inspired it will work well. Send me a message and share your vision! I am interested in collabing with both music and lyrics- I love finding quirky phrasing for melodies and trying to find the hook! I may ask to change few words if my melody sings in a particular phrasing, always while respecting lyric composer intent.
I usually play rhythm guitar to write but also a keyboard arranger that I really love using for one touch production and recording! Listen to past FAWM and other songs of mine on the soundcloud link.

Thank you all! Our world needs more inspiration and kindness. FAWM and 50/90 delivers.

I have
added a few songs from past 50/90
Some of my favorite original Fawm songs from 2017 to present.


Hi Laurie. Good to see you back.


Hey Laurie!