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So 2022, huh? I didn't have a studio for FAWM. That was interesting. Studio V is back up now, but honestly nothing has been done in there. Hopefully some musical action will occur this summer. Happy FI-NINing to you all!

For anyone who is interested, I have a few songwriting books available on Amazon.

For all songwriters:

For Ukulele playing songwriters:

For Guitar playing songwriters:

For drummers:



Once It's Broke by @mctown + 2 others 6
What Frightens Us Might Kill Us (a modified 10x10) by @kahlo2013 + @valeriecox 5
So by @valeriecox #fuc #acoustic_one_take #girl_with_ukulele 6
Something Small by @valeriecox #acoustic #letsgetdeep #girl_with_guitar 5
To Boldy Go Where No Song Has Gone Before by @valeriecox #rock #filk #10x10 #strangenewworlds 11
Emperor by @valeriecox #rock #girl_with_guitar #c2941 #vonnegut 16
Shadow Work by @valeriecox #nsfw #rock #girl_with_guitar 12
Little Things by @valeriecox #fuc #ukulele #acoustic_one_take 14
A Reality Bite Slice of Life (not exactly a 10x10) by @kahlo2013 + @valeriecox #10x10 #quirky #girl_with_ukulele 6
Blindside by @valeriecox #acoustic #fuc #ukulele #acoustic_one_take 11
Alone by @valeriecox #television #fuc #ukulele #acoustic_one_take 12


Good one, Valerie...thanks... onward we go. DG


Thank you, Valerie. Some stuff is quite hard to process. I hope it helps a bit :)

So awesome, Valerie, that you loved my "And Still You Don't Call Mama"! Sorry to have heard about your loss; obviously, your mom was someone very dear to you. I'm glad that in some small way my lyrics gave you pause and helped you to think about her in a special way.

Okay, great!

Thanks Val. If you'd like to do do a Collab on this or any other, I'd love it!

Valerie, thank you for the comments!! Going to stick around and do some listening now :)

Thanks for listening to "The Al Gore Rhythm". I've had that title swimming around on a notes doc for almost a decade so finally finding the song it fit into was quite satisfying! Also satisfying was the "kitchen sink" of sounds my PRS was able to get. To nerd out just a sec, my favorite sound on that track might just be the super-distorted bent note at the end of "minty rainbow wreath", which I got by rolling the tone knob all the way down. I definitely recommend finding a PRS. Even the cheapest ones (like mine) are really solid and sound great!


Thank you, Valerie! I lacked of lyrics soI wrote about food. The more i think about it, the more I enjoy.

Valerie, So glad Cranky Old Men made you laugh. We had fun putting it together.


Haha--glad you got a kick out of Cranky Old Men, Val. Thanks mucho for the ping.

Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot to me when people want to come back to a song of mine :) I’m hoping to check out more of your songs, when I’m having more free time

Hey Val. 😄
Thank you so much for the listens and the kind words. 😀


Yes, been a bit since we did one together. mctownmusic@gmail.com

Thanks Val. I know so little about those dating apps(just things my daughter talked about). I think I do live an alternate universe! :)


Thank you! The lyrics are sad but true. I tend to drift away from the metronome. No idea why my ears filter it out after some seconds... Even with a good drum backing like here, and singing plan 4th notes, I had to correct the timing of the vocals. "()Q/%§?=/!

Thanks for the nice comments!

Muffin man on Drury Lane? No, but I once met a Ms Muffin on that lane and we had a wonderful time….

Zelda near Hyrule? She’s my cousin! I wrote it for her!

Thank you Val. I use the GB loops and play some instrument parts like brass flute etc with the little keyboard and my thumbs on my iPhone GB app. I think the computer version has more options but the phone is easy and readily available.

Oh Valerie I am so sorry to hear you parents acted like that. I don't understand such a reaction it is not like it's a different person they have in front of Them. It's their child and they are supposed to Love their child no matter what. For me the concerns is His suicidal thoughts and of course how the world Will treat him .

Thank you for your kind comment.💖

Thanks for your comment on "One More Beer" - it's funny how some rhymes depend on accent isn't it! I love an internal rhyme too although quickly/whisky might still be a bit of a stretch... :)

Thank you sooooo so much for recommending my music and for your comment on „In your glow“ - I’m delighted! Will check out your songs as well :)

Hello, thank you for taking on Cool Carrot and finding some aspects of cool in it! 😄

Hey, thanks for your comment on my song We Won't Talk About It. I'm really glad you enjoyed listening to it. Not gonna lie, I do really like that piano line too :P

Hope you have a great one!


Thanks for stopping by and commenting! So glad, you enjoyed my blues. I really don't know what sorcery happened. When I pick my guitar, I'm often in the mood for blues - and when I pick my piano I write ballads - Though I listen to neither!
I never played the uke, so I have no idea if it's easy to handle when you play guitar or a completely different instrument! I just noticed there are plenty of uke players around. I will take a listen asap!


Thank you Val!

Thank you for your comment and for letting me know! I just realized I did it wrong when I loaded my second song - and I fixed it. Thank you so much again!!

Thanks Val!

Hi Val, you are very welcome. It was a pleasure to comment on Alone. Thank you for your kind comment on my full moon piece :)

Regarding Alone: ABSOLUTELY. The involuntary tapouts are genuinely rough to watch. Injuries, medical, too much weight loss... heartbreaking.

Thank you for your comments on Jelly Roll.
I liked Alone. I feel all songs should be one take for authenticity.


You are back! Looking forward to hearing your music.

Thanks so much Val for your comment on Jack-in-the-box, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Looking forward to output from the new Studio V and hoping for some LAVA.

Hey Val, let's do this!