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My offensive ovaries are screaming. Perhaps a genre-shift this year?

I've always loved skirmishes and they've been a foundational aspect of my songwriting. I think this round I am going to forego skirmishes and honor what my process is becoming. So far I seem to be a fan of sampling captured audio. And making a lot of tracks. We'll see what happens next...


[avatar] This Fear Makes Sense by @unpronounceable #bass #hammereddulcimer #spokenword #sampledinstruments 5
[avatar] Inside The MRI by @unpronounceable #aivox #banging #instrumental 6
[avatar] I Believe In You by @unpronounceable #zikr #genrebending #stilldirty #oppositeofquickanddirty 7
[avatar] Discontent by @unpronounceable #synth #commercial #sampledaudio #therapy 7


Haha, now there’s an idea!!


Thanks for the comment on 'A Life of Unfulfilled Dreams'!


Ha! Very possible! Those printers were pretty noisy! Lol


Offensive ovarian screaming sounds like a genre to me.


I hope you have a lovely summer songwriting season! Happy 50/90!


Happy 50/90! Shame on those ovaries!! Let's do this!