Joined Cardiff UK


One time FAWMer, first time 50/90er

Writer's block is my biggest enemy so this is a real challenge for me but I'm gonna aim to do at least two songs a week!

I love pop punk and rock so that's the type of music I'm trying to focus on

Thanks for all your feedback!


Ali with a Capital A by @tuesdaygray #rock 7
1666 by @tuesdaygray #ukulele #lonelygear 10
Grow Up by @tuesdaygray #rock 7
Misery Guts by @tuesdaygray #rock 8

Hi, @tuesdaygray. I really like the vibe of Prom Queen on your SC page. I have a lyric I'd like to show you if you're up for a collab. You'll find my email at the top of my page here. Thanks!


Hi Tuesday, I have some lyrics I would like to send your way. I am not sure if they will fit for you, but I figure it is best to ask you that question 😀


Cool :-) drop me a note on souncloud or here 8trakproductions@gmail.com I have a couple of ideas/concepts, but I really like your pop/punk stuff and I'd like to try something in that area, or maybe an offshoot of some kind. No pressure, no rush :-)

Hey thanks for your comments on my song "We Won't Talk About It". I really appreciate your feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope you have a great 50/90 :)


Glad to see you back. We need more rocking gals!

hey stranger! welcome back!


Love your first song. I'll try to write something that will fit your style so we can collab. In the meantime, if you see any of my lyrics that you like, feel free to hit me up. I only have a couple so far. Hopefully I will write lots more before 50/90 is over 😉


Welcome Tuesday. You know I love your style! Let me know if you want to collab again.


Hey! Welcome back - looking forward to hearing your songs!


Welcome .........do what you can when you can!