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Serving up surrealadelic fun for several years now. Looking forward to hearing new stuff from my friends!


These 1970s by @ttg105 #4-string-guitar 5
He Ate the 80s by @ttg105 #pop #jazzy 4
Kelp by @ttg105 #bass #eclectic #horns 2
The Second Month of the Pilots' Strike by @ttg105 #acoustic #fingerpicking #absurdism 4
The House of Nonsense by @ttg105 #bass #eclectic 4
Flowers and Faces by @ttg105 #psychedelic #acoustic #melodica 4
The Chorus Undersaurus by @ttg105 #bass #weird #horns 5
Ghost Notes by @ttg105 #serene #nylon #alternate_tuning 6
Sister Limejuice by @ttg105 #eclectic #garagerock 4
In a Paper Bag by @ttg105 #bass #eclectic #krautrock 3
Another Monkey Marriage by @ttg105 #synth #new_wave #pilkington #drawbar 4
Pumpernickel Fiasco by @ttg105 #acoustic #nylon #solo #fingerstyle 4
Posting Postcards by @ttg105 #rock #funky #loud 8
What'd You Do That For? by @ttg105 #absurdism #bass #eclectic #horns 2
Song for the Underachievers by @ttg105 #funk #pop 4
Sheriff Pennyfeather by @ttg105 #acoustic #dadgad #nylon #solo 5
This is the Dance by @ttg105 #eclectic #weird #dance 4
A Good Day for the Animals by @ttg105 #nylon #ethereal #dreamfolk 5
Subway Shoes by @ttg105 #bass #eclectic #short 3
Bad Architect by @ttg105 #gdad #minimalism 5
Kite & Confidence by @ttg105 #surrealadelica #bass #funky #eclectic 3
The Monkey's Lament by @ttg105 #dadgad #nylon #melodica 5
Grout by @ttg105 #weird #square #synth 5
The Beanstalk's Question by @ttg105 #nylon #acoustic-electric #psychedelic #spacey 8
Vive Le ... by @ttg105 #loud #guitar #electric 5
Three on the Fourth by @ttg105 #melodica #psychedelic #acoustic_guitar 7
The Knick Knack Knockdown by @ttg105 #funky #eclectic 6
Gramophony Rising by @ttg105 #eclectic #weird 8

thanks for the comment on underneath the moon. i read it as a late 50s teenage love ballad, and started it off by making a few changes to the opening melody of elvis' version of o solo mio, its now or never. then going off in a less plageuristic vein, but still following the old fashioned templete.

Thanks for the comment on my tune: Illumination. I think it turned out rather well and it was fun to come up with some Hippy-dippy type lyrics!


Thanks for your thoughtful comments on The Call of the Void!

old film rolls well i did have a slug of whiskey before singing this on the edge of my bed in the dark ..thank you for listening, and all your encourging and entertaining comments through the years.


Thanks too for your comments and idea on my Popeye tune. It was truly a pleasure!


Thank you once again for your knowledgeable feedback on “These Days” Scott. In retrospect, the tambourine does seem out of place. Forging on!


Thank you once again for your knowledgeable feedback on These Day Scott. In retrospect, the tambourine does seem out of place. Forging on!

I never imagined my vocals could sound chic and stylish! Thanks for that compliment I enjoyed very much 😊

thank you for your comments on my back up brain. i have never listened to beck, rather, it has been your lyrical inventiveness that has inspired some of my recent image liberations. in my youth, my writing was surreal and i have settled into more logical patterns . even the anus in my brain is a logical characteristic of one who uses the commonly trite expression, brain farts. your wordplay continually surprises me. another big influence on me was john cage's ecperiments with the elimination of grammer, liberating words from common connections and allowing their definitions to change as they fell across the paths of other words in accidental conjunctions.


I thought you'd like that one.
I remember that book as being deeply weird.
Actually, it might be time for a re-read!


Of course it's a real chord organ!!! Got it for seven Canadian dollars at Value Village!!

Hey Scott, its great to hear your stuff!

Thank you for listening to my songs "Find Your Light" and "Before The Rain", I am so happy to be back on this musical swing set with you!!

I have found you! I can't seem to grasp things just yet, but know I was hoping to find you and listen to you again, I hope you know I would have said "hello" if I could. I am so excited to hear some of your creations!!

HI. Thanks for checking out Blindside.


Here's the update, Scott : https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/songs/1636 Thanks for your cool comment earlier on.

lou reed boasted that it was roll and roll even if he was just reciting his lyrics in a bookstore.

Thank you for your comment on "Summer Rock" - much appreciated!


Thanks for your comments on ‘I want us to die in silence’ - ashamed to say I haven’t hear the song but will now take a listen!

:) Thanks!

Hi. Thanks for the comment on Alone. I've been exploring the ukulele for awhile now. I'm certain my guitars are getting jealous, and rightly so. They deserve some attention.


Thanks for your kind comments on It Wasn't Me. Hearing sorry is a rarity 😞


Thanx for the Comment!
I actually did not manipulate the bass guitar at all, aside from reversing the two background trax. Just straight-up bass noises.

:) thank you Scott. Have yourself a great 50/90!


You got a cool LP for your avatar, while I just got some type of cube... 😬


I sure hope you post some of your great tunes this summer!

Hey man, hope to hear some more songs from you this summer!