Joined Fredericksburg, VA US


I've been playing for what seems forever, and writing more seriously for ten years. Acoustic guitar is my primary instrument, but I play frailing banjo, mandolin/mandola, and bass as well. I wish I retained more of the piano I took as a kid.

Criticism / comments:

I'm pretty thick skinned, and I care a lot about trying to make my songs better. If something occurs to you while listening to one of my songs, whether a thing which bothers you or an idea to make it better, please feel free to incorporate it in whatever comment you make.
As a listener myself: I love listening to and commenting on songs here at FAWM. Unless you explicitly say so, or we have some prior history, I will *not* add that kind of criticism to my comments here. I know how precious is the flow of creativity that FAWM sets free, and I would be loth to dam up any of that flow for any of you.