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T.C. Elliott

If Neil Young and The Holy Modal Rounders had a litter of baby songwriters then T.C. Elliott would be the runt of the litter.

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A short note to creatives:

Yes, you're music is art. What you do with it, or how you make it is up to you. If you want an audience you will surely make different decisions than if you make it solely for yourself. That's okay. No-one has a right to tell you how to do your art. However, no-one is obliged to like it and, like it or not, most will tell you one way or the other. Usually the "nots" are louder than the "likes."

Catharsis is different for each of us. The act of creation is, in large part, my catharsis. A welcoming audience is another. I choose to focus on the first. No choice is wrong for you, though.

Artists have been struggling with conforming to what is popular in order to gain an audience for as long as there has been art, I'd bet. You are not alone. But I doubt many of us can help you forge your way. That can be scary, but it can also be liberating. For what it's worth, I'm glad you are creating.

Pronouns: He/Him

Songs (51):

[avatar] Time Moves On by @tcelliott #gettingold #acoustic_one_take #phoebe 6
[avatar] I Am Not Free by @tcelliott 4
[avatar] (I Want You To ) Stay With Me by @tcelliott #stalker #rock #songskirmish #creepy 6
[avatar] Apophis by @tcelliott #rock #hard_rock #songskirmish #superskirmish 6
[avatar] The Disinherited by @tcelliott #acoustic_one_take #folk #singer_songwriter #jackconroy 1
[avatar] Never Again by @tcelliott #acoustic #acoustic_one_take #singer_songwriter #lostlove 1
[avatar] Alone (Here Comes The Feeling) by @tcelliott #rock #skirmish #selfskirmish #post_punk 1
[avatar] Just Pretend by @tcelliott #acoustic #acoustic_one_take #singer_songwriter 2
[avatar] [avatar] Look Out, They've Started a Drum Circle (UPDATED!) by @gardeningangel1 + @tcelliott #needscollab 5
[avatar] [avatar] How Long by @sheslin + @tcelliott #singer_songwriter #girl_with_piano #harmonies 6
[avatar] Liar by @tcelliott #liar #fire #singer_songwriter #gyaws 2
[avatar] Don't Go Out In The Night by @tcelliott #rock #dracula #minifeast #feast 1
[avatar] Renfield by @tcelliott #acoustic #singer_songwriter #dracula #insanity 2
[avatar] Falling Dreams by @tcelliott #minifeast #acoustic #folk_rock #fallingdreams 2
[avatar] I Am Alone by @tcelliott #frankenstein #singer_songwriter 1
[avatar] Comptroller by @tcelliott #circleoftitles #rock #post_punk #songfight 2
[avatar] You Changed My Mind by @tcelliott #didnotsubmit #dracula #minafromdracula #acoustic 2
[avatar] (Somewhere At The Bottom Of The) Stairs *NSFW* by @tcelliott #rock #skirmish #songskirmish #post_punk 9
[avatar] My Lifestyle of Leisure (NSFW) by @tcelliott #politicianssuck #nsfw #rock #post_punk 1
[avatar] I Need Somebody by @tcelliott #rock #misdirection #throwback #gyaws 3
[avatar] The Whistler by @tcelliott #acoustic #acoustic_one_take #blues #whistling 7
[avatar] [avatar] The Night Sky by @nancycunning + @tcelliott #indie_fok #collaboration #acoustic #americana 9
[avatar] Listen To Your Tears by @tcelliott #acoustic #acoustic_one_take #folk_rock #singer_songwriter 6
[avatar] Victim by @tcelliott #hard_rock #heavy #post_punk 4
[avatar] The End Of A Memory by @tcelliott #acoustic #acoustic_one_take #singer_songwriter 3
[avatar] No Reconciliation by @tcelliott #rock #post_punk #gyaws 3
[avatar] [avatar] I Wrestle With the Beast by @nancycunning + @tcelliott 10
[avatar] [avatar] The Back Of Beyond by @tcelliott + @lyricslinger 5
[avatar] The Night Sky (Needs Music/Collab) by @tcelliott #needs_collab #needs_music #collaborations_welcome 3
[avatar] Far Away From Me by @tcelliott #acoustic #acoustic_one_take #singer_songwriter 5
[avatar] Falling Down (Needs Music/Collab) by @tcelliott #needs_collab #needs_music #collaborations_welcome 1
[avatar] Pat And Kimi Move To Hollywood (NSFW) by @tcelliott #nsfw #hard_rock #heavy #short 7
[avatar] Topsy Turvy by @tcelliott #singer_songwriter #love #gyaws #phoebe 4
[avatar] Missing You by @tcelliott #singer_songwriter #breakup #gyaws 7
[avatar] Angular Motion (Instrumental) by @tcelliott #instrumental #guitar 2
[avatar] Trust Me You Said by @tcelliott #rock #hard_rock #heavy #prison 7
[avatar] The Happy Sycamore by @tcelliott #skirmish #singer_songwriter #songskirmish #s073122b 10
[avatar] [avatar] Habits by @andygetch + @tcelliott #acoustic_one_take #b #baritone_guitar #classical_guitar 4
[avatar] [avatar] Pale And Male by @tcelliott + @jeustan #rock #collab 4
[avatar] Pretty Flowers Of Doom by @tcelliott #slothcore #rock #lonelygear #pedalchallenge 9
[avatar] You Never Know (NSFW) by @tcelliott #nsfw #rock #post_punk #songfight 8
[avatar] I Free Myself (SlothCore Edition) by @tcelliott #slothcore #blues 4
[avatar] How Long Must I Remain? by @tcelliott #needs_collab #needs_music 2
[avatar] [avatar] Be A Tree, rough initial demo of first verse and chorus by @jew + @tcelliott 2
[avatar] Overflow by @tcelliott #acoustic #acoustic_one_take #singer_songwriter #gyaws 8
[avatar] I Free Myself (Blues Edition) by @tcelliott #needs_collab #blues #needs_music #minimalism 2
[avatar] Be A Tree by @tcelliott #needs_collab #needs_music 2
[avatar] Habits by @tcelliott #needs_collab #needs_music 1
[avatar] I Wrestle With The Beast by @tcelliott #needs_collab #needs_music 4
[avatar] [avatar] Sathanas: A Love Song by @ianuarius + @tcelliott #doom #lovesong #metal #rock 9
[avatar] [avatar] Drawing The Line by @ianuarius + @tcelliott #bass #collaboration #rock 9


Just a note to say I have now put a demo up for my song "You don't get rid of me so easily"



TC, given our conversation in TNMC, I thought of you with this post. https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/forums/337


Looks like the drum circle put you just over 50, congrats! 🏆
Sorry it took me so long to update the track. Thanks for playing! 😀


Well now...congrats on the 50, my man. I've got some catchin' up to do! I'll be around this month.


I did a rough demo of How Long Must I Remain. I made some changes and want to run them by you if that is OK. Please shoot me an email at sheslin1@yahoo.com and I will send you the MP3. Thanks so much! I love the lyrics!!


Love your comments..it's making me hungry also. Thx man appreciate it


Can't remember if I said this at the time, but I had so much fun doing music for OI Wrestle with the Beast and The Night Sky. Wanted to make sure you know that you are welcome to do anything with either of them that you want. Maybe just think of them as a next draft, and then go where they take you. I'm also pretty much always up for collaborating if you ever need a next draft for something you've started or a first draft to wander off from.


Chuckling. I thought the acronym was so top secret , that none of us should know what it meant. Thanks for coming back with the info.


Thank you. I was looking through the forums to find a clue. Now I know.


Criminy, Jake is now downloadable, since you asked. Thanks!


And thanks, too, for your positive remarks on "I Call Myself a Gardener." I love the way @panch picked right up on the vibe I was thinking of and...presto! A fun song! Thanks for exploring my page; I'm doing the same for yours.


TC, So fun to read your enthusiastic comments on Criminy, Jake! I agree that Tuesday really rocked this. I have asked her about how to make it downloadable. Thanks for the compliment.


Thanks for commenting on my song "Living Talisman"


Thanks much for the kind comments about Okay, Not Okay, Okay and for wading through the weird lyric called What Happened Leaves a Mark thatI did for the morph challenge.


Thanks a lot for your words bout my songs! I really enjoyed them! 😊


Thanks for your support!


Oh, I'm so glad you liked The Night Sky. I had a lot of fun experimenting with it. I definitely think of it as just another draft of your song, so I hope you'll feel free to change it around to make it work for you.


Just posted a version of your song The Night Sky. Thanks so much for letting me sing along. What a sweet, comforting song.


Thank you very much for your comments. I seem to have a knack for storytelling from a perspective that people can imagine, and wonder what that would be like, or how it must feel. I am very humbled for your comments.


Thanks for your comment on "Passing By" 😀
Well...the drummer is EzDrummer2 😆


Thanks for your comments! Im happy you enjoyed your listen. I'm just a guitar rookie with too much ambition and frustration. I cannot even play clean bar chords. I never considered myself a vocalist, but last FAWM I unintentionally discovered screaming when I tried to record a demo. Just toying around 😉

Kudos for recording "End of Memory" with one take. So if singer songwriter and folk use these techniques, it's clear why I only heard them every now and then. I mostly listen to alt rock, metal, prog... less acoustic guitars and when people play it, they strum some chords. No ornaments...


Oh, great, I'll keep going with a version of The Night Sky, in the meantime, I just posted a version of another song of yours, Wrestle with the Beast here https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/songs/4420


Thanks TC I appreciate your support. Yeah I have neuropathy now from the chemo treatment and I can't play guitar or type my hands are numb. Doctor says though it could come back in time


Aww hey thanks man, right back atcha ;-)


Thank you for the encouraging comments and the shout-out on the recommendation thread. Much appreciated.


Thanks for stopping by listening and commenting.


Thanks for the feedback on the, er, two Moons (yes, that is a great title isn't it? You are welcome to it :)). It's a tricky one, usually I'd steer clear of rhyming a word with itself too, but somehow the repetition seems to be okay here. I'm leaning towards keeping it (at least partly because the available rhymes aren't really any better...).

Speaking of "better", Paul McCartney rhymed "better" with "better" in Hey Jude and got away with it. I'd say that's a case where rhyming a word with itself doesn't work at all... but then, who am I to argue with him?


Dude I love it! Wow. Yes, post away. Seriously perfect music on this, it rules.


Helloooo! Thank you for listening to my song! Happy 50/90! I'm going to listen to your songs now! :)


Happy 50/90! Happy 50/90!!!


Let's do this!