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Tammy Jann

My first cd "This Girl" was released in May and can be found on Bandcamp and Spotify and other streaming sites links here: https://songwhip.com/tammyjann/this-girl?fbclid=IwAR1Hks38E-effUTabqt8dnXnzA2d9YLGiYkGpPdF0oM9_qOlQr-yp50Oj18

I am here....I am always slow to adjust to new things. I am a creature of habit. Hoping to work on songs if the fates co-operate.

Please check out my WEBSITE tammyjann.com to catch up or to see my photos, poems and recent songs!


Before The Rain by @tamsnumber4 14
Find Your Light by @tamsnumber4 14

Thank you for listening!

What a lovely comment, Tammy. Thoughtful input too, I'm thrilled you put yourself into the narrative.. I had to chuckle, though. One of the "scariest" and most bewildering/beguiling/frustrating magic acts of this peculiar and magical young lady (alas, I knew her too well) was her talent to simply up and completely disappear immediately after any admission or act of intimacy! An allmost psychotic fear of commitment. LOL.

I’m so glad you are creating and posting songs! Thanks for touching base. I am only hovering at the edges. I miss the days of being way more active here. I can relate to trying to find your center again. My center seems mostly locked down. Took some time today to be quiet and court reconnection within. I have hope that I’ll post something in August. Work has been very consuming and threatens to stay that way, but something’s gotta give! I can’t stay all squeezed down forever!! Love you! Keep em coming! 🥰

Thanks for listening and the encouraging words. Good to see you putting songs up.


Hey Tammy! Great to see you too! I started late too and also was away for a week so feel a bit out of it. But we go at our own pace, right? ;)

Hi Tams. :) Good to hear from you. Thanks for checking out Alone.


Good to see you have some songs up! Thank you for your comments on When You Touch Yourself Down There. It was fun to write.

Thanks Tammy


Hi, Tammy! Thanks so much for your comments. Let me know when you have your first song up!


Hi Tammy thanks for your amazing thoughtful comments. I have fixed the demo if you'd like to have a listen Keep singing and Strumming

Thanks girl. I love how Marthie performed this.


Hi tammy hope the Album has been a positive experience for you. I am enjoying listening. Have an awesome 5090

I'll wait. I'd love you to do it!

Thanks girl.

Hello! 😀


Hi Tammy Garry/ Gm7

Hi there Tammy :)
It is more natural to me too, taking it slow. When I'm in danger I'm fast though :)

It's good to see you back. I just listened to some songs on your website. Indeed, you have a laid back style, if that is the word. But you combine it with depth in your lyrics a lot. Anyway, happy 50/90 to you!

Hi Tammy, I'm looking forward to your new magical songs. Happy and creative Summer!


Congratulations on the release of your CD, by the way. I listened to the first few songs -- beautiful music, Tammy!

Hey Tammy! Happy 50/90!

Happy 50/90! Happy 50/90!!!

Hi Tammy! Great news on your first CD —Congratulations! 🎉
I hope we’ll both have new songs to share this summer.

Hi Tammy. Thanks for another warm welcome. Wishing you a happy and creative summer songhunting season! Thanks for so many years of love and support! Hugs!


Hi Tammy! Glad to see you back in the community. Have a great 50/90 and up the creativity to +11!

Hey Tammy! 😄
I'll try to keep the fires burning safely.


Happy FAWMing!


Sure hope you're doing this, Tammy!

Hi Tammy! I look forward to hearing more of your beautiful music! Happy 5090!

I’m looking forward to another summer of music from you! I’m listening to This Girl online right now, as I type this — excellent! I’m enjoying it tremendously!

Hey Tammy!