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I have been writing lyrics for years but in the past year I have started to produce songs and have a go at singing them or rapping them. I don't expect it to go anywhere I just enjoy making music and being creative.


White Feather Ft Kate Stanton by @steviej + 2 others #piano #rap 9
Here For You by @steviej #piano #rap #sad 7
The Language of Love by @steviej #summervibes #rap 7
A New World (50/90 1st version) by @steviej #pop 7
Living In Shades by @steviej #rap #dancehall 7
I'm Junk by @steviej + @geoff61 #rap #collab 7
This Love Couldn't Die by @steviej #needs_vocals #needs_collab #lyrics_only 1
The Boss & The Real Boss by @steviej #rap 9
Remember Me? (50/90demo) by @steviej 6
Time & Place by @steviej 5

Thanks for your comment, means a lot😄

Thank you for listening!

Hi Steve, thank you so much for your kind comment and for sharing your thoughts. I've renamed my music. Thank you so much.

Thanks for the kind words on Summer Rain!

Hi Steve, glad you liked Liz and my "Lavender" song.
I added my falsetto along with my own voice as I too think that chorus could be sung by a mass choir.


You're welcome. You're killing it, huh? Thanks for your nice comment on my "Quarterlife Blues". I recorded the full draft, but David and Andrea will add their mojo. I'm looking forward to this!

Hi Stevie, could you send me an MP3 copy of this to geoffrey.matthews1@sky.com thanks again, we should do some more

Thanks for all your comments on my page. I will be returning the favor once I get a chance to sit down and hear you're stuff.


Thanks for the comment on my collab with Geoff!


Thanks for commenting on This Box I'm In. I can't imagine anyone has had as much fun listening to it as I had in messing around with it!

Whatever comes to mind is fine Steve :-)

Check out my latest lyric, 'I'm Junk' I wrote it just now sort of with you in mind.(pretty quick huh!)

I thought I'd write you a rap lyric (even though I've never done that before), I'm pretty versatile :-)

i would like us to do a collab sometime during 50/90 Stevie, what say you?


Hey, there, Stevie. Good to see you on Fiftyninety. Thanks for the nice comments on "Honey You Already Are", man.

Hi Steve, thank you for your kind comment on my piece. I'm very open to suggestions but somehow I can't imagine rap with this music. Maybe we collaborate on something else. It's just too connected for me with other genres but not rap. Sorry if it disappoints you. I hope we collaborate on something else :)