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Steven Wesley Guiles

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This year has been nuts. A lot of things going on in my personal life, my dad has been in the hospital since January 6. My kids just got Covid. So, yeah, life is a little cchaotic.

On the plus side, I still have my health, I funded my Kickstarter in December and am working on releasing my new album, Transistions.

And I am at the VERY LEAST going to take a shot at FAWM this year.

Steven Wesley Guiles aka Applehead aka Mr. Gee
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[avatar] Sleephyead by @stevenwesleyguiles 4
[avatar] Heartstopper by @stevenwesleyguiles #skirmish #songskirmish #heart #s073122a 4
[avatar] When Happiness Eludes You by @stevenwesleyguiles 8
[avatar] Space Blues by @stevenwesleyguiles 6
[avatar] Full Moon Half Heart by @stevenwesleyguiles 10


Very kind of you to drop in on Not To Live a Lie. Thanks sincerely for your encouraging comments.


Thanks so very much for your comment on “Constant And Mindful Watch.” To answer your question (and usually my mode of operation,) the music usually comes first. The lyrics are mostly after. I let the music do the talking. I mean - I MAY have an idea of what the lyrics are beforehand. However, the power of music always dictates what is ultimately said.

BTW, I SUCK at listening and commenting. I feel bad. I try to do so when I can. Like….now!

Regardless, keep going!! WE GOT THIS!!!


Hi Steven. 😀
You are very kind, thank you. I really appreciate the listen and the comment. And yes, 4:20 is kinda long for a glitch. 😉


Thanks for the feedback on "Carolina Beaches"!


Thanks for listening to “Mr Slippers” that was (in some ways) actually the most fun I’ve had in 5090 so far.

I take your mix comments seriously. Bass and guitar were eq’d with mids emphasized, only the piano had the high end un-messed-with. I used a hardware compressor (wa2a) on the vocal going in, then more in Logic, a FET style compressor.

There was Ozone on the master, as almost always, but before that was SPL Iron, which added some heft.


Glad to see you're here - I'll be sure to give Full Moon Half Heart a listen today... just as soon as my children allow me...