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E Agner

I've been playing music live in bars for decades now, up until COVID. I've had a few gigs a year in the last couple years, but activity is very low.

I've been doing FAWM and 5090 for a long time, and it's part of my life.

I'm an adult now (56), so I want to say I can handle criticism. If you're listening to a song of mine and you have things in mind that are more critical than the typical FAWM/5090 comment, feel free to leave those thoughts. I'm reasonably confident about what I'm doing, and I'd like to hear about things that hit people funny or may not be working incredibly well.

Just before COVID hit, Nancy Rost and Eric Agner released their first record, Violet Cusp. Rost, a singer-pianist based in Madison, WI and Agner, a singer and bassist in Washington, D.C. have been co-writing long distance since 2008. Their songs, expansive and energetic, span the genre gamut.


Demos from years past: http://soundcloud.com/fawm-standup/

Pronouns: He/his/him


Songs (33):

Sights On by @brownium + 2 others 6
[avatar] Chaos by @standup #songskirmish #ss09xx21x #superskirmish #feast 2
[avatar] Open Book by @standup #songskirmish #ss100122j #superskirmish #feast 9
[avatar] 29 Times by @standup 1
[avatar] When it Rains by @standup #rock #synth #rain 2
[avatar] [avatar] Noiseboxes by @standup + @pfoo #weird #synth #noise 4
[avatar] Perseus Galaxy Cluster by @standup #synth #blackhole 3
[avatar] Tarry by @standup 4
[avatar] Destruction by @standup #acdc #rock #loud 3
[avatar] Maybe you Will by @standup 5
[avatar] Persephone's blues by @standup #resonator #tremolo #roots-rock 7
[avatar] Maybe it's Time by @standup #rock #longing #roots #upright-bass 7
it's not meant to be [■■■■] by @burrsettles + 3 others #bass #vocals #cassette #lo_fi 10
[avatar] You own the sky by @standup #rock #guitar #delay 4
[avatar] [avatar] Night Comes for Everyone by @standup + @greengrassgirl 11
[avatar] Half Cowboy by @standup #unacorda #rustic_piano #ambient #synth 5
[avatar] There's Always a Catch by @standup #quick #rock #skirmish 6
[avatar] It's a sign by @standup 3
[avatar] Ohio is Believing by @standup #instrumental #synth 5
[avatar] Confession by @standup #reverb-everything #rock #reverb-bass #tremolo 3
[avatar] Synapse by @standup #electro-acoustic #synths 2
[avatar] She Said by @standup #upright-bass #swing 12
[avatar] Don't Ghost Me by @standup #powerpop #blondie #retro 6
[avatar] [avatar] X by @standup + @elesimo #electronic #instrumental #synth 3
[avatar] I had dreams by @standup #electronic #weird #synth #but-not-fuzzy-weird 8
[avatar] Maybe Never by @standup #acoustic #onemic 5
[avatar] Knocked Down by @standup #rock #basic-rock 5
[avatar] Paths We Take by @standup #ambient #space_rock #ambient-guitar 4
[avatar] Love is a Gun by @standup #basic-rock #rock 6
Mister Slippers by @standup + 3 others #4-track-cassette 22
[avatar] Your Guide by @standup #rock #atmospheric #knuckleheads 11
[avatar] Blame Game by @standup 11
[avatar] It by @standup 13


Just dropped into the site and noticed that you'd commented on a couple of my songs - thank you. Didn't expect anyone to still be around commenting now we're in October.


Ha..i was joking...but they DO have an input...awesome thx.
Christmas is coming!


Hi, Eric. Thanks for your enthusiasm for You’re Alive. It was a fun collab all around. Thanks for pointing out the things that particularly resonated with you. 😀


Thanks for the comment on my last-minute song!


Thanks for the comment on a Literal Mind - I took your advice and looked at the bass - I had the reverb cranked up as that's the default on the plug in, so I got rid of it and I think it sounds much less muddy now, so thanks!


Thanks for your listen and comment on "Lay that body down"! I agree with you, I find the blind assertions that "we're approaching a singularity" to be profoundly unscientific. I can't say they're untrue... just that there's no reason to believe them


Hi, Eric. I left you a message on your bandcamp page. -Patty


What is a music studio without hanging lights...cool


thanks for stopping by my song to leave me some feedback ! I was intentionally trying to say 'i got a bit drunk before we went on a date' with out saying drunk, and in popped 'A little bit sober' haha


Hey, thanks for your comments on my song Sick Note. I'm glad you enjoyed listening. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling great. I hope all this creativity and positivity in the FAWM/5090 community does something to bring it back for you. Hope you have a great time on here :)


Thanks for your comment! I had a vague idea in my head for the bullet line, and it’s interesting how it could be interpreted. I’m happy with that chorus as a write. Hope you have a good 5090 !


Thanks for the comments on my collabwiht Geoff. The 'strings' are from my Casio workstation keyboard (new before FAWM this year).


Thank you for your kind words!


Hi Eric, I just wanted to let you know there is a demo up for "Nothing Special", I hope you like it.


Many thanks for the shout on Wish It Was Me. Great idea on adding a Cropper-style guitar track.


Thanks a lot for your feedback on 140722, much appreciated :)


Hi Eric, thanks for your comments on Nothing Special, they brought a year to my eye, so glad my song had meaning and hope for you. I'm hoping to get a demo up next week, I'll drop you a note when it's ready.


Hey, we are twinsies! ;)


Awesome, thanks, ping it to 8trakproductions@gmail.com


Hey @standup absolutely love what you did with Mr Slippers. Really brought the whole thing to life :-) Thank you! Oh, also, would it be possible to get a file of the track? Thanks :-)


That's right! PO BOX in Bodega Bay! 🙂


Wow! This is exciting! I can do keys, vocals, music or lyrics. Not much of a video mixer though.
I think @Brownium set up a Dropbox folder last time.


@brownium @jamkar

I really like this new be tagged from anywhere feature.

I can do guitar, drums, other percussion or noisy stuff, don't really want to sing anything, but can help with lyrics or do some background vocals if need be.

I'm unfortunately out on the video editing as well.

My email is cody000cr (at) gmail if someone wants to start a group email or something to make this a bit easier.


Thanks for your comment on “In The Thick Of It.” I’m not sure if they’re “bit-crushed.” Just had a Classic Distortion sound through the recording device that I used. So, I can’t give a straighter answer than that, I’m afraid.
I am behind on listening to tunes. I will soon. Thank you for your patience. Keep writing! One song at a time. You got this!


Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m happy you liked my first song :)


Thanks so much for your comment, friend <3


Thanks for the kind words on my tune! Getting the gears rolling again after some time away from songwriting


I've sent you an email with file hosting info. Let me know if you have questions.


Happy FAWMing!


Hi Eric
Hope you’ll have fun and creative 50/90


Let's do this!