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Second stab at 50/90. I'm going to take a serious stab at 50, but after 2 years of lockdown, the summer calendar is pretty full and finding the time isn't going to be easy. Luckily I'm a bit of a scrimmage junkie and while I don't hold myself to the 1-hour limit often, I do tend to go as quickly as I can. I also love collabs.

I think I'm pretty good with lyrics, decent at arrangements and can play keys, guitar and bass well enough to get a loop down in the DAW. Any drum pattern more complicated than four-on-the-floor is a complete mystery to me.

Pronouns... does dude count? He/him if you are not not into that whole brevity thing.


Geared Up by @dreamscuba + @spazsquatch 3
Choiceless Running by @spazsquatch + @acousticmaddie #rock #randomcollaborations #progressive_rock 7
Sorting Darker Thoughts by @nadine + 2 others #collaboration #rap #draft #hip_hop 5
Till 4am by @spazsquatch + 2 others #banger #party #lizzo #pop 8
Tasty Nibbles by @spazsquatch #metal #rock #funky #french-omelet-album 5
Washed Back by @spazsquatch + @coolparadiso #randomcollaborations #pop_punk 13
Slow and Steady by @spazsquatch #french-omelet-album 6
Keep the Heat Low by @spazsquatch #french-omelet-album 4
Better Late Than Never by @spazsquatch #indie_rock #pop_punk #favourite #alt_rock 4
Fresh by @spazsquatch #french-omelet-album 6
Melancholy Summer by @spazsquatch #skirmish #firstfruits #summer #s071022 11


@codeenergy, @spazsquatch - Good idea. Put us three in your mail and we continue talking there. Maybe our plans work surprisingly well together 😎 Have a nice weekend!

@nadine @spazsquatch

Sorry I just work up for work and saw both of your emails. If you guys want, I can put us all 3 on a email thread but figured I would bring you both up to date here right now. Spazsquatch sent me a awesome version of the hook that we should definitely use but he has not heard what Nadine sent me yet. So I believe he chopped your track as well. This is where I don't know what to do. I am going to go ahead and send you both what you each sent me to help you guys see what you each had in mind. Definitely think this will become a awesome collab! I will be emailing you both back shortly.


Hey! I just read your comment on "Sorting Thoughts" and "Darker". Now I'm a little bit confused about your plan. Are you working on a new interpretation on @codeenergy acapella? Or will you join us both for a 3-way-collab?!


Sorry I’ve just seen you’ve posted the song. It’s definitely a BANGER, full of energy and each part is an ear worm that stands on its own - great work on the melodies and vocals.!! Thanks for taking the time to add music, and bringing the party :)


Haha, you really got swag πŸ˜€ Punk is not the music I usually listen to, but I spent half of my life in a virtual punk band. Funny enough we didn't plan to go punk it just happened. Not everybody knows that side of me.


Thank you, this means a lot to me! But why did you connect me with punk music? Or do you just love punk rock? I'm happy you enjoyed. I was just venting.

Haha, baritone problems indeed! I stand by my comment that you sound like Jack White as a result, and that that is a GOOD thing. Sorry about the throat though. And when it comes to comps... isn't that standard? I'd be screwed without the ability to comp vocals πŸ˜‚

Ha, thanks for sharing β€œWild Men.” I might need to track it down myself! πŸ˜‚


You know how to lean into that feeling, so nobody cares that it's off! That's swag 😁 My metronome is my worst enemy. Sometimes I just wanna destroy it! But then programming drum beats is impossible...


Thanks for your comments! I'm sorry that I cannot play tighter and cleaner. I'm just a beginner trying my best. Learning guitar prevents me from bore out. There is a lot to learn...

Dude! Thanks for the super generous comments on my songs. Looking forward to hearing the French Omelette Album as it unfolds! 🀘πŸ₯š

I am the lyrics for collab Rd 2 will work on some lyrics for you, where would you like me to send them! Couldn't see an email in your profile. Thx

Baby hummingbirds - that's one pretty sizeable silver lining! Thanks for the Little Bird comment man :)

Hey dude, I'm currently overseas at the moment, but I will be putting together some indie/punk/rock/etc tracks that will need the classic lyrics/vocal collab that you provided in FAWM...
Have a great 5090.