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Corey Stewart

I am a singer, songwriter, musician, producer and blogger from Australia. You can find me at https://www.coreystewartonline.com. I'm really looking forward to rolling up the sleeves and getting stuck into the challenge.

For me, FAWM and 50/90 has always been a challenge which I take what I've learned over the years of writing songs and putting it to good use however, the main thing that draws me to FAWM and 50/90 every year is the wonderfully supportive and encouraging community...


In saying that, I'm up for collaborating so if this is what you want to do, hit me up and we'll see where the muse takes us both :)

Let's go and write some songs,

Corey :)


Everybody Knows Mirrors Lie by @songwritingzen + @marthie #chamber_music #ensemble #orchestral #classical 3
I'll Be My Own Hero by @songwritingzen + @marthie #empowerment #power_ballad #anthemic #inspirational 7
Back To Me by @songwritingzen + @cindyrella #urban_folk #collaboration #acoustic #lovesong 6
Got To Let It Go by @songwritingzen #ballad #melancholy #sad #lost_love 2
Holding On For Dear Life by @songwritingzen #2_chord_wonder #instrumental #soundtrack #tv 3
I Can Hardly Wait by @songwritingzen + @cindyrella #collaboration #guy_with_piano 6
Emotions by @songwritingzen #synth_rock #instrumental #rock #emotional 3
Dance In 7 by @songwritingzen #electronic #instrumental #dance #polyrhythm 3
Love And Rage by @songwritingzen + @lyricslinger #funeral #slow_build #acoustic #acoustic_rock 7
Land Of The Living by @songwritingzen #anthemic #celebration #electronic #dance 1
Nothing In Common by @songwritingzen #opposites #bluesy #blues_rock #swamp 3
Hear Me Now by @songwritingzen #ambient #lovesong #melancholy 8

Supercool and brilliant! You even added your whistle talents! Who knew? Thank you for your hard work and creativity on Mirrors lie.

Thanks Corey!

Of course you can play on Mirror song. I am writing lots of lyrics now hoping you’ll evolve some

did we do Catch the moon together? I lost all my facebook contacts after being hacked...

Hi: ok put lyrics together. It's your words just shortened and some stars added. I was thinking some kind of sports anthem type of thing because I think that is the kind of positive person you are. I really like your guitar(I am so jealous- me and theee guitar never made it past the first year of lessons!) https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/songs/3065

Hi- I have one lyric without music. It’s more female empowerment at the moment but would be interesting to become more universal. Or I could write another one. https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/songs/2965#c14737

Hey Corey- let's collab on something. What do you have that's hanging around that you would like to finish/work on? I play piano, sing , topline, record my own vocals and procrastinate terribly on music production... my sister lives in Australia

Hi. I wondered about this one? https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/songs/1345

Yay! Thanks :)

If you have a chance, look at my Back to Me.

Thanks so much! I'm in Nashville this morning, and wish everyone could hear this and our other songs!

YES! I'd love that. I'm leaving on a trip for 5 days to meet my new Grandson but I'll check in when I can.

Hi Corey, yes, I'd be delighted if you find any more of my lyrics that you'd like to use. And thanks too for the nice comment about my LyricSlinger website - I have fun keeping it up to date

Hi, thanks for your comments on my 'Love and Rage' lyrics. Would be delighted if you can turn it into a song. Thanks!

Thanks so much for your extremely kind comment on 'Start Somewhere' :) 🙏🏻


Thanks for listening to my music, Corey! It's great to be here for 50/90

Hi Corey, my bad. I thought you had a different name. I'm glad everything is working perfectly for you.

You know if love you to do one of my lyrics :) Maybe Savor?

Hi Corey! As you know, anything of mine you might see that you like, you just let me know.

Hi Corey! Looking forward to your music!

Hi Corey. Thank you for the shout-out in the Aus/NZ thread.

I had been meaning to ask - have you had the chance to do any more work on Faces? The reworked tracks across the album have mostly come home to roost, so I thought I'd check up and see how things were tracking with that, well, track :)

Cheers. Good luck for the challenge this year.

Good to see you here mate, been following your gigging via FB. All the best