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The new Abomnium album, Of Time And Dying Stars is now out on Bandcamp through UKEM Records,and is also and available to pre-order on CD!


Me and @Gordon have a space-rock band called Bridge11.
Our second full-length album entitled "Beyond" is out now!
IIt's available on Bandcamp and all your favourite streaming platforms! :D


My name is sapient (he/him), and I'm mostly a metalhead.
Black metal, death metal, caveman battle doom, I love it all
I do weird space rock with @gordon*
Somtimes my Telecaster makes me play evil cowboy music.
And because it's FAWM I'm pretty much up for trying anything even if have no idea what's going on...
I also have a drumkit now. Shame I can't play fast enough for the music that I write, but hey, maybe by the end of Feb I'll have caught up with myself! :D
Happy FAWMing everybody!


Songs (2):

[avatar] The Ever-Hungry Eye by @sapient #metal #instrumental #deathmetal 6
[avatar] In Pursuit Of Dangerous Things by @sapient #metal #bass #instrumental 10


C'mon! MOAR! 😀


Hey man, want to collab and make an EDM / Heavy track? Been years since we've done that and I've got a ton of ideas!


Good luck! I decided not to count numbers. If its only 1 song, that's OK!


Welcome back 🤘🏻