Joined Antwerpen, Belgium


If you're a lyricist, I'd be delighted to read your work and collaborate in areas where we're both comfortable. If you want to collaborate with me in a different way, I'm all ears. For example, if you want to sing or play an instrument on one of my songs, or need an instrument or songwriting assistance with your songs. Please ask me anything.

§ Roel

You can send me a message through WhatsApp on this number: 0032-474921154

A little backstory:

FAWM and fifty-ninety helped me recover from my first burn-out in 2009. For the first two to three years, I was somewhat prolific, as I had been when I was a kid (8000 cassette recordings). Unfortunately, my rat race to financial stability after divorce reignited my perfectionism, making me unproductive and sad once more. I never recovered from my second burn-out. But I'm glad that music keeps bringing me joy. :-D


Hi and welcome back!


Only just arrived? Not to worry, I've been here for ages but trapped by a kitchen rebuild and wholly unproductive! Looking forward to listening when released from #Ikeabondage.