Joined Auckland NZ


Hi. My name is Dan, I'm from Auckland, and I write and record songs under the names Anecdata / Dharma Police / Planet Claire.

Not sure how much I'll be able to do this year - started a new job so don't have annual leave, plus the pandemic means the house is almost never unoccupied... so we'll see how we go. Might be my first fail in 13 attempts!


Anecdata is for rock/new wave-inspired stuff. http://koshrecords.net/anecdata/

Dharma Police is retro-inspired synthpop, with lyrical themes often heavily leaning on the best TV show of all time, Lost. http://koshrecords.net/dharmapolice/

Planet Claire is instrumental electronic noodlings and other bits and bobs. Minus my voice. http://koshrecords.net/planetclaire/

Downloads etc at my website, http://koshrecords.net