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Postcard Helicopters


It's 50/90 2022 and I'm here mostly just to hang out, as I'm working on music videos for an album of instrumental music (primarily previous FAWM material) which I'm hoping to release later in the year. There are 10 tracks, and so far I have videos for two of them.

Currently, what I want to focus on is writing songs with lyrics and then figure out how to take the demos I make and refine them to more closely resemble finished songs.

"Postcard Helicopters" is no longer the band name I'm using, but I'll bring up the new one once all the ducks are lined up and ready to go. That is, if I can get everything together before the end of the 50/90 window. When the feature becomes available, I'm hoping to rename my account back to its original version.



21 August Update: All ten music videos are assembled. Now I just need to finish all the remaining tasks to prepare the album for release.

Still stoppin' by and listening to stuff, and I surprised myself by starting an actual new song a few days ago. I can't tell if it's just noodling or if it will result in something I can post.

25 September Update: I had to get some other things out of the way since the last update. Now I finally have the time and mental space to wrap up the liner notes and "press" materials for the album release. If I can get it all together by 03 October then I can schedule a mid-November release, otherwise it'll be around the first week of January. Regardless of the release date, I'll surely blab about it come FAWM 2023.

16 November Update: Learned this week that DistroKid requires mobile phone for verification. They don't tell you before you pay - fingers still crossed for a refund.

Bandcamp worked out, though, and I'll be introducing this album and the new band name in FAWM 2023. The release date is set for 10 January 2023.


Thanks so much for your comment! All best with your videos!