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i am a tree falling in the woods
i sing and play guitar, sometimes bass or banjo

i have a band with b-shift and murray, named the Catalytic Perverters.
b-shift on drums, murray on bass, and i'm on guitar and vocals
we have a few sets worth of basement rock songs, along with special Halloween and Christmas themed sets. these days, we mostly just jam and improvise new songs which we will probably never play again. most of it goes up on youtube every week, at least until youtube decides to delete videos with fewer than 20 views.

I used to have other bands, with other people (and sometimes b-shift)

This will be 50/90 number 14 for me.

contact me: plaintoast (at) gmail (dot) com

Songs (15):

Kaiju Exquisite Corpse by @plainwhitetoast + 16 others 2
[avatar] thunder bunny by @plainwhitetoast #instrumental #improvisation 2
[avatar] the sharty-pantsed blues by @plainwhitetoast #nsfw #blues_rock 1
[avatar] come back to me by @plainwhitetoast 1
[avatar] sweat inequity by @plainwhitetoast 1
[avatar] the slows by @plainwhitetoast #pickdrop_recovery 1
[avatar] And Justice for None by @plainwhitetoast 1
[avatar] Head Voice by @plainwhitetoast 2
[avatar] Grape Scented by @plainwhitetoast 1
[avatar] If I Could Choose by @plainwhitetoast 1
[avatar] Rain Some by @plainwhitetoast 1
[avatar] Rasputin's Right Retina by @plainwhitetoast 2
[avatar] no Wonder by @plainwhitetoast 1
[avatar] dead Letters by @plainwhitetoast 1
[avatar] Them and We by @plainwhitetoast #nsfw 1


Thanks, I'll keep an eye on the corpses progress but if you start assembly before all parts are in, let me know. Have a great day. !


Hey, I'm just about ready to hand on my snippet of kaiju corpse to Rod. Would you mind if I held on to the whole piece so I can keep mixing, and not hold up the process? Or is there something in the rules? .....Thx.