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Piney Cone

Hello musical creative peeps! I have been participating in FAWM since 2012. I am a self taught musician. I started recording my songs ideas in 2010 as a way to remember them. My songwriting and music editing exploded (in a good way) for several years where I would write and produce a song in a day, and then I would sometimes make a music video for the song in the same or next day! I even did some local solo performing, made lots of music with my good friend @zecoop, did an internship at a music house, and sang in a band called Historia (Here's the EP we made) https://soundcloud.com/historiatheband. More recently, I have become an old lady and don't do music the way I used to. I feel I have changed (hopefully in a good way) 😀. Only the future will tell what kinds of mischief I will get myself into 🙃.

I make music under a couple of different names. Here in FAWM I am known as Piney. Out in the infinite internet world I go by Bijou Basil and She the Heart. Bijou Basil is my experimental/electronic folk-like project and She the Heart is my more chill and uplifting meditation-like project (links above). I am currently not open to doing collaborations right now, but that could change down the road.

Happy music making and I look forward to hearing your awesomeness!

Songs (3):

[avatar] Devil's Ice Cream by @piney 8
[avatar] Saldgy by @piney 10
[avatar] Nothing and Everything by @piney 11


Wow, hello to you! It is very nice to see you here!


Hi hope you’ll have a nice 50/90, looking forward to hearing some new music from you again