experiments with drums, guitars, modular synths, chaos, noise, ambient jazz. recording on logic 5.5 in windows 7.


Crazy World by @phlex + 2 others #weird #noise 4
Broken Speaker Cones by @phlex + @bettyhammer #broken #drums #guitars #spokenword 5
Birds by @phlex + 2 others #acoustic #birds #iloveshortsongs #violin 5
I Am You by @phlex #autotuned #pitchshifted #modular 4
Going to the Disco by @phlex + 2 others #wonky 5
The Sloth by @phlex + 2 others #slothcore #ambient 4
Listen by @phlex + 2 others #slowjam 5
Chasing the Wave by @phlex + 2 others #country #surf 5
Pillows, Ready to Rock by @phlex + 2 others #rock #arpeggiator #autotune 5
I See It by @phlex + @bettyhammer #vocal #uke #abstract #granular 3
The Fiery Phoenix by @phlex + @asterix #pop #happy 4
Fire on a Wave by @phlex + 2 others #livejam #drum #autotune 3
Nothin' but the Cowbell by @phlex + @bettyhammer #filters #reverbs #cowcore #modular 6
Crystals by @phlex + 2 others #drums #noise #modular #crystals 3
How to Shine by @phlex + 2 others #guitar #modular #fuzzfactory 6
Rising Tides Aside [nsfw] by @phlex + @bettyhammer #slothcore #plumbutter #sh101 6
Easy Like Sunday Morning by The Commodores [nsfw] by @phlex #noise #modular 2
Plumbutter Jam 1 by @phlex #synth #plumbutter #modular 4
Crawling My Way Back by @phlex #drums #blues #guitar 5
Sound of Smooth Jazz by @phlex + 2 others #smooth #jazz #experimental #jamming 6
3 Autotuned Microphones by @phlex + @bettyhammer #autotune 8
I'll Always Be With You by @phlex + 2 others #pop #groove #hyper #iloveshortsongs 6
Holiday Time by @phlex + 2 others #vox #gentle #drums 3
The Cows are Coming Home by @phlex + 2 others #cowcore #drums #guitar 9
Seconds by @phlex #vocals #drums #streamofconsciousness 5
NewSetupFirstTest by @phlex + 2 others #ramshackle #vocals #drums #pop 7

How have you and @fuzzy not teamed up yet?? 😉

thank you. I must check out more of yours. The one I heard earlier was really cool. September, I promise, once I get done with my project and clear my mind, ima get my phlexfix! :)

i spent many evenings at the tropicana chatting with chuck e weiss beneath tom waits' window while he was composing music for one from the heart, and the beauty of that piano wafting through the los angeles evening air has never left me, so when i am not running wild over the piano keys, it is so often that waits piano style that my fingers are looking for.

Thanks so much for your comments on “The Photo Whisperer” - so cool. I need to really check out this “Twin Peeks” music. I love getting these insights into my music - to know what people hear in it.

I have a lyric that needs the vocal to sound like a young boy. I'm thinking that @asterix's vocal could work beautifully if you think she's up for that. The music I'm envisioning is more "traditional" than I hear on these songs, but maybe you do more classic sounds, as well. If you'd like to talk about it, please email me. My email is in that envelope icon at the top of my page. Thanks for considering it.


Thanks for the comment on Popemobile - I know it is just a child's attempt to emulate masters of the craft! But then all my creative endeavours are kind of cargo-culty. That's part of the fun. The snare/kick are simple lifted from Addictive Drums 2 Fairfax Vol 1 kit.

Thanks so much for your fulsome comments on Nothing Special, it really means a lot that my song has touched people.


Thank you for the very kind comments! Wasn't that Street Fighting Man?

Thank you for the very kind comments on my 'Non Auditus' track! Very, very much appreciated!


Thanks for the kind words on "Sunlight Bouncing On The Window" and yeah, the Mood pedal does a good job of bringing in the background summery sound like you said. Thanks again!

Thanks for binging No words 2 out of the zong!
Slothscore feels a bit like home to me - recently working on the next one which gets really fast: 30 bpm!

Damn man, that video. Going to follow up and watch the rest of that series, have been a fan of MC for some time. Really appreciate you reaching out.

That was a great video! Thanks... I have a few of his books and essays and have seen him speak several times. So it is not surprising he's just as informed and brilliant on that subject.


Thank you, as always, for your Comment!
A comparison to Sunn o)))??
I am honoured! 😀

Yeah, would not want to write a lyric like "Heart of Dirt" about someone you actually know!

Thank you for passing by and leaving a comment on "taurus rising".
I am a absolut beginner with playing the bass and I know I am not always tight in time ... my fingers are too slow. I have to practice a lot.
But I am glad you liked it :-)

Thank you for commenting on Sun, Workingman! 😄


The "toy" sound came from GMS in FL Studio, plus a little EQing.


Phlex, thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my song "Hype Man" and leave me a comment. You personified exactly what I was hoping the audience would get out of "Hype Man". Sunshine, warmth, and the feels. Even though the song is sad, I tried to also write the lyrics and the instrumental in a way that made you feel hopeful for the couple in the song. Your words, I will cherish and my gratitude you have. Thank you very much.