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Phil Mills

I was the typical consumer-only music fan until getting involved with the filk* community in 2004. Since then, I've spent a lot of time on original music, writing and performing.

*( http://debbieohi.squarespace.com/filkfaq/2007/4/7/what-is-filk.html )

Outside of music, my activity usually involves computers, cats, cameras, and science fiction and fantasy literature.

[Things happened....]

Update for 2022: FAWM in 2021 got me 17 new songs in all or in part. I've since played three of those in one or more Zoom music sessions.
For this year, I'd be happy to repeat the 17 number. Though, it would be nice to improve the score of "keepers".

Instead: pancreatitis, hospital, gall bladder surgery, recovery….


Summer is here and I'm looking forward to doing some of the songwriting that didn't happen in February.

Songs (13):

[avatar] [avatar] If a Star by @janeg + @philkmills #science #astronomy #parody 4
[avatar] Everyone’s a Beta Tester by @philkmills #parody #silly 2
[avatar] [avatar] Grizzly Mobile by @janeg + @philkmills #silly 7
[avatar] Our Love Went To Hell by @philkmills #acoustic #response #humour #country-ish 3
[avatar] Savannah by @philkmills #instrumental #experimental 3
[avatar] Inspirobot by @philkmills #country-ish #acoustic #humour 4
[avatar] Daughter Jenny by @philkmills #fforde #acoustic #filk #ballad 2
[avatar] In Step by @philkmills #maschine #instrumental #experimental 2
[avatar] Daydreams by @philkmills #cajon #experiment #vintage #samba 4
[avatar] Magic Jukebox by @philkmills #rock #filk #guitars 5
[avatar] Homeworld by @philkmills 4
[avatar] One Voice by @philkmills #filk #folk #fantasy 6
[avatar] Wasn't It So Nice by @philkmills #parody #pop 5


Cheers for the comment, Phil; verse two of 'This Is Fine' is a reference to Tennyson's poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade" about another epic British disaster!


Thanks for the comment on 'A Life of Unfulfilled Dreams'! Time to get your Merlin out of the closet!


Hi, Phil! I bet you'd have a lot of fun with a cat keyboard. It only has a two-note polyphony, but it's still nice to hear comical cats singing in harmony.


Heh, I'm glad you said that (about concert openers) because that's exactly what I had in mind :). I'm doing a FotLR concert next time and I thought it would be a fun way to introduce myself. Thanks for the comment!


Ha, yes, walking out the door might be challenging by the last chorus. I might try changing that to "stagger"... Thanks!


Phil, I liked your description of Into the Well: "dark and moody in the best way possible." That's what we were going for. Thank you!


Hi Phil, thanks for your feedback on Into the Well! 😊


Thanks for the comment, Phil, always appreciated. There's no Massive on 'Volans' (and I missed a prime opportunity for a science joke there, for sure). There are three tracks of Spitfire's Polaris, one of Dexed, one of NI's Ashlight, and one of Heavyocity's Mosaic Voices.


Wishing you a happy (and healthy!) 50/90!