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Hi there! My name is Peter, and I've been #songwriting since I was a wee lad. This is my yearly therapy, and I look forward to 50/90 every Summer (going on my 13th year, the time has really flown by!). I just love this community and all the passion and creativity that emits from it.

Some of the genres I like to write for are #rock #alternative #pop #pop_punk #pop_rock #folk_pop #indie_pop #alt_pop #folk_rock #experimental

Some influences are #Weezer, #Smashing_Pumpkins, #MGMT, #Ben_Folds, #Mat_Kearney, #Eve_6, #Duran_Duran, #Sigur_Ros, #GroupLove, and #Everclear.

As for personal stuffs, I'm married with 3 awesome kiddos, living in the quiet suburbs of Portland, OR. I love retro gaming, writing, and podcasting. I'm generally considered a nerd, who likes to rock. πŸ˜„

You can find most of my stuff on #bandcamp or #soundcloud, as well as #spotify and #youtube. I also wanted to say thank you to @davidtaro who mixed my latest album "Endless Summers" (in my profile links).

I can't wait to get started!


[avatar] [avatar] The Dad Song by @davidtaro + @peterarvidson #pop_rock #ska #horns #parenting-fails 15
[avatar] Waiting on a Wake by @peterarvidson #longing #67bpm #frustration #grief 4
[avatar] Bulls in a Storm (Warm Bodies) by @peterarvidson #alt_pop #heavy #showdown #chevelle 7
[avatar] Boring is My Favorite Feeling by @peterarvidson #alt_pop #pop_punk #alternative #mutantsafari 6
[avatar] Sandals in the Sofa by @peterarvidson #pop_rock #pop_punk #anthem #grief 7
[avatar] Digital Boy, Analog Girl by @peterarvidson #bass #indie_rock #pop 10
[avatar] Hours of Owls by @peterarvidson #pop #indie_pop #laid_back 6


Heeeey. So I started to write a poss collab over the weekend. I'll send you a sketch later this week to see what you think. Would love to get your input on the writing side, so I'm not going to do anything too finished as it were...


Thanks for your kind comments on In Fear We Trust.
I'd be interested to hear what you had in mind for music, but only if the write interests you to put music to. No worries, either way.


Thanks so much dude! Down to collab anytime. Drop me a line whenever: Aburozskiwork at gmail dot com


Thank you for saying nice things about Little Bird. I think I'm going to give it an airing at an open mic this evening, purely down to your lovely comment x


Just old timer is fine :-). Listened to your 3 songs all very good! A little bird tells me you have been working with David T good choice, top bloke like you and another talent!


Peter, thank you so much for taking the time to listen to "Hype Man". I am pleased that you also believe this is my best work to date. That makes me feel like perhaps you are out there in the cosmos and listening to my releases? If so, thank you. I am happy that you found the melodies I chose to be catchy and epic. That makes me feel really good. Thank you so much.


Onya brother!


Aw, thank you for the thank you man! Hope you have a splendid 50/90 - maybe a collab at some point in the coming months? Can’t wait to hear what you cook up…