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Pearl Manhattan

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Check my webpage for discography and merch. I have released 7 albums and two singles of original music and a cover of Santa Baby, all available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, iHeartRadio and several other streaming platforms worldwide.




Sterling ST51 condenser mic
Steinberg CI1 AI
Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio
Band in a Box
Oscar Schmidt 21 chord autoharp
M-audio midi-keyboard controller

Collaborations? Sure. Message me first - though. I like to have a heads up when someone is playin' in my music.

Songs (15):

[avatar] A New Chapter by @pearlmanhattan 1
[avatar] I don't want to say it by @pearlmanhattan 1
[avatar] Night is Calling by @pearlmanhattan 2
[avatar] Something Different by @pearlmanhattan 5
[avatar] Save Me by @pearlmanhattan 3
[avatar] [avatar] People Talkin' - a blues collab by @pearlmanhattan + @thetau 4
[avatar] [avatar] You Are My Home by @tjeff + @pearlmanhattan #randomcollaborations #piano #harmonies #trumpet 12
[avatar] Let's Go Outside by @pearlmanhattan #singer_songwriter #ballad 6
[avatar] Playin' Around by @pearlmanhattan #electronic #instrumental #ambient #loops 8
[avatar] [avatar] Carolina Beaches by @pearlmanhattan + @chrismyth02 11
[avatar] Memory by @pearlmanhattan #needs_music #lyrics_only 2
[avatar] A love song by @pearlmanhattan #needs_collab #needs_music 2
[avatar] Summer Love by @pearlmanhattan #needs_collab #needs_music 2
[avatar] [avatar] Maybe Believe by @pearlmanhattan + @spirulence 5
[avatar] Truths and Lies by @pearlmanhattan #singer_songwriter #autoharp 14


Thank you for the kind words on World On Fire Blues!


Hey Pearl, glad to see you here! I hope you're doing OK or at least maintaining. We should get together sometime. I finally got those two plug-ins you recommended, but figuring out how to use them is another matter entirely. :-)


I sent you and email Package

Send me a note after you have read the notes about it, so we can work out the details of the new Duet. -Russ


Looking forward to our random collab Pearl!


Thanks for your kind words on Bright Spot - I had fun putting lyrics to Russell's great track.


Hey Tasha, I'm getting a late start this year, as I spent the 1st 2 weeks of July visiting my Daughter in Michigan.
I see you've been busy though. Love the "Carolina Beaches." Beautiful Collab. Still got to check out your other ones.
Sure Let's do some more songs this year. I'll send you something -email in a few days. -Russ


Oh wow. Thank you. My brain is FRIED today.

Thanks again for a great collab!!


Sounds great! Iā€™m out of town til Saturday but will have time this weekend to get creative šŸ˜Ž


Hi Pearl! Excited to pair with you for the random collab! Let me know how you'd like to get started! It seems most random collaborators like to do lyrics only, but I'd love to do lyrics and vox if that's ok? Let me know if you'd like me to write to an instrumental track of yours, or if you'd prefer to start with the lyrics. Feel free to email me if that works better chrismyth02@yahoo.com


Glad to see you here for 50/90 Pearl!


Hi Pearl, glad to see you here!


Hello Pearl! We lumber on and continue to survive! That itself is success!


I hope you have a fun summer season of songwriting! Happy 50/90!