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Paul Milne

This year I'm going to try to write my songs using DADGAD tuning for the Guitar.

After a few years' hiatus I had a few successes with my FAWM songs so thought I'd pitch in for 5090.

Songs (2):

[avatar] Nothing Special by @paulmilne 10
[avatar] [avatar] The Wild Carrick Shore by @gwynjones + @paulmilne #folk_rock 10


Hi Paul, thanks for the lovely message on my soundboard. Really nice to see you here for 50/90! What happened with your FAWM songs? I'm afraid I missed FAWM altogether this year.


Thank you for the kind words on my tune!


Paul, thanks for letting me know the demo is up. I love the peaceful, meditative feeling of this. There are some very pretty changes in the guitar part, and the vocal really convincingly let’s us feel the mood of the dream, everything is going to be alright.


Paul, Thanks for visiting my page and for commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed the 3-way collab on Baby, What About Me, and I also thank you for pointing out the lines you particularly liked in When Love Ends. It's nice to know how listeners react to specific things in a song. Thank you!