"the perfect is the enemy of the good"

This is my ninth year doing this thing. Crazy!

Check out some previous FAWM songs (and others) done up proper at my band Gentle Brontosaurus's site here:
@ndavies = keys, pocket trumpet, vox.
me = keys, guitar, vox.

Also check out Vowl Sounds, collabs with @vomvorton, also made possible via FAWM: facebook.com/vowlsoundsmusic

other musics from the past you could also listen to: tldrband.com (surf-tinged indie rock; I sang), www.facebook.com/RedTapeDiaries (math-tinged power pop; I played keys). miscellaneousowl.bandcamp.com contains the detritus of FAWMs past.

No particular projects or themes in mind for this year’s FAWM! I’ve acquired several new instruments since last February so I suppose at the very least, those will be in rotation.

pronouns: she/her

Songs (1):

[avatar] Leaving Only Light by @owl #acoustic #acoustic_guitar #acoustic_one_take #folk 11


thank you for your continued listening and thoughtful comment on quintessence of dust. looking forward to hearing you back in full forceful array this february,


Yep it's just EZDrummer driven by the electronic kit. I just opened the project to check which kit I'm using but apparently it's the default one! Some distortion / tape / dynamics FX added though to make it a bit grittier. Keen to do some more stuff with noisier guitars and vocals, I really enjoyed making that one!


Thanks for listening to Biting My Tongue! And thanks for saying nice things, though without wanting to sound like a suck up, I am struck with a dose of the "We are not worthy!"s when someone like you comments on one of my songs. That's one that I'm going to have to revisit for my sanity over the next month, as the words need more than a half hour's consideration, and the voice recording grates (for me - I'm eager to believe it sounds like Jimmy Cliff to everyone else!).


Thanks for your comments on Open the Door. You are so right about the trust/boundry issues, but that will have to wait for some other lyrics. I feel bad for the boyfriend too (even while I wrote it).