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Rin (she/her)

***Recovering from top surgery as of 7/19***

I'm back, but in a limited capacity. Finally able to hold instruments again, and going to focus on completing challenges/collabs.


Two-time FAWMer, first time checking out 50/90!

Things got really chaotic in my personal life at the end of February, but I'm in a much better place and ready to be creative again. Everyone I had the chance to talk to/collaborate with were so inspiring and gave me a much needed diversion.

Currently in a Queercore band on bass!


Sometimes I make videos, mostly for one take jams or to check out hardware-



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Thanks! I've looked at the newest MPC's super awesome, but pricey and probably does a lot more than I'd ever use it for. That Circuit Rhythm looks like just about exactly what I'm looking for.


Could you send me your email address? I have lyrics for you! 😀


I only wish it came with a MIDI output as well. It was frustrating looking at the sampler/drum machines I'm actually familiar with and see that they're "vintage" now so they come with that retro price tag.

I guess my biggest question that I can't find an answer for is my e-kit does have MIDI in and out. If I was to hook it to the 5pin input on the Volca could I still run a step sequence and just set aside a few pads for the e-kit? Oh, also can you record samples directly, or do you have to hook it to a computer and transfer that way?


Panty Line is a great band name! I'm a little jealous. I saw in the new gear thread you got one of those volca sampler 2 thingies. How do you like it so far? I've been looking for a sampler just to compliment my e-kit (That I can't load my own samples to and I try to work out of a DAW as little as possible) and I'm also ignorant to technology past about 2000 haha. That seems like something that fits the parameters of what I'm looking for and doesn't have a lot of redundant stuff I'll never use.


Okay, I'll email you some lyrics later. (Hopefully within 24 hours.) I think I might have a topic in mind. Maybe...


Hey! We've been paired in the Random Collab challenge!

Do you have a particular topic in mind? I can write lyrics for pretty much anything.