Just a schmuck with a guitar. If you want to hear other samples of my work, please check out the Soundclick page above. I also have a Soundcloud page with songs that aren't on Soundclick.


I'm in the middle of transitioning because I realized that Soundcloud's compression was monkeying with the sound quality. Either one will be good for an introduction. :)

FYI, I'm not big on "tit4tat" comments. Believe me, I'm all about sharing the wealth, and I do what I can to support other FAWM artists, especially those who support me. No need for the pretense of obligation. :)


Tea in the Microwave by @oswlek #acoustic #acoustic_one_take #singer_songwriter #live 8
Niagara's Fall (A Piece of Me) by @andrea + @oswlek 9
Predator and Prey by @oswlek + @jeff9 8


Gracias, amigo, on One More Empty Seat. Your kind words do wonders.

✨🙌”I was able to play the song at Mom's service”🕊a stunning tribute and certainly put her loved ones in attendance more at ease. ❤️


So glad you like The Call of Void. I am proud of these lyrics. Certainly, feel free to plant a flag.

Hey dude, thank you for the comments too! Particularly the production feedback, really appreciate getting that kind of stuff from someone with good ears like your good self!


Thanks for the comment on my collab with Simon!

Hey thanks for the the feedback on With You, especially the falsetto voicing on the chorus which I was completely not sure about - I was trying to really be light and airy and hold back but was not sure it worked, Thanks 😀

Thanks. If you'd like to do a Collab, just let me know

Thanks for your comments!

Hi, @oswlek, thanks for your comments on Come Back. Glad you particularly liked the first verse. This is a new style for me and it's fun to try it out.


Thank you so much, Justin, for your high praise on I’m Not Sick. I’m positively glowing…

Thank you for your support, Justin. So sorry for your loss. Sadly I relate but I also know that every loss is unique and there is no point in saying that we are in the same shoes as each of us wear their own shoes of sadness...


I'm laughing at my comment, but also cringing. I meant to say wouldn't exist without you. What a terrible mistype. Thank you so much!


Not sure why you can't edit the comments since you are a collaborator. Regardless, Niagara's Fall would exit without you. Thanks for coming to the rescue (pun intended) :)

Hi Justin. Great work on Predator and Prey! Sharing this as I think I remember you asking back in Feb. Finally got it up on Spotify 😂… https://open.spotify.com/track/2lTsEgDIiGvynlcB6wWL2T?si=A3D7m8ZBTq6K05hzMsaTcQ