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Songs (13):

[avatar] Good Luck To You by @orbit123 2
[avatar] A Fairy Tale Of You And Me by @orbit123 5
[avatar] Hug And Kiss by @orbit123 5
[avatar] Keep It All $$$ by @orbit123 1
[avatar] Nice To Meet You by @orbit123 1
[avatar] Could You by @orbit123 3
[avatar] What If You by @orbit123 3
[avatar] Is This Really You by @orbit123 2
[avatar] Fields of Heather by @orbit123 2
[avatar] Hey Little Moscovite by @orbit123 3
[avatar] Man Formerly Known As Lover by @orbit123 4
[avatar] You're Back Again (Cult Of Victory) by @orbit123 2
[avatar] I found a book in your trunk by @orbit123 5


Hey, thank you for listening to my song with your morning coffee. Love it!


Thanks a lot for your feedback on 140722, much appreciated :) This track was constructed entirely using Ableton Live instruments - Collision, Wavetable and Operator, (and drum kits) with the Ableton audioFX as well. I used Izotope Neutron and Ozone plugins. I do have a bunch of Arturia, NI, and GForce plugins as well, but wanted to try and do something just using the Ableton stuff :)


Thanks for the comment on my first 50/90 song!