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Didn't hit anywhere close to 14 last year, and may not this year either. That's okay.

Definitely going to try to do more male love-song duets this year, if I can get them together.

I'm into internal rhymes, refrains that aren't really refrains, and I really seem to be into shorter songs. I got no drums. I got no bass. Just an iPhone to record, and a general hope that something will come to me somehow. I tend to really enjoy participating the song skirmishes, though I didn't manage to make any work out last year...let's see if this year will be different.

Shout out to @wurzelfrau @auditasum @barbara @cleverhansel @max @steffan @fiteclub @bigpeaches @rockster123 @websheldon @jorh and many others! So looking forward to hearing what we all accomplish this year!


Nice to see you here!