nuj4x (new jacks)

As always, I'm Nashville super producer NuJ4X (new jacks). A lot has happened since we all last saw each other. I just finished a month with 44k streams for the month, and a single which released and gained 25k streams in its release month.

My current single just came out today (7/1/22) and it's called "Hype Man".

I wrote the lyrics in February during FAWM.
I made the instrumental in March.
It took all of April to find the right vocalists and work with their schedule.
The recording took place in May.
The mixing and mastering took place in May.
I sent it to the platforms for release in June.
It released July 1st, 2022.

Good enough for you, @headfirstonly?

To everyone else, I surely hope you'll check it out, and I'm eager to check out your tunes as well!

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Hey fella - nice to see you here again!
I'm afraid my headspace is kinda full with music projects at the mo, so I'm going to say thanks so much for asking (really!), but I'll have to pass this time... good luck with your new single 😀
Oh, and I'd love to see how well Masked Machines and Gigatonne Beat are doing with streams... Would be great if you could DM me (email, instagram, messenger, whatever!) and let me know!


Hey, thanks for your comments on my song The Water. Some really lovely words you've said. It's funny how something that starts as a private moment for a writer can become something that connects with others. Hope you have a great 50/90.


Hey bud! Nice to hear from you. Only one, eh? Well the masses shall appreciate what we can get. Thanks for stopping by and hope you discover some great tunes this summer.


That's a very kind offer, but I really am just here to write and share. I'm not looking to do anything with any of my songs. But I do really appreciate your faith in the song. I hope you have a great 50/90!


Hey, thanks for your comment on my song 'Can We Be Friends'. You really are very kind. I have no plans to do a production of it. I have a full-time job, rent and bills to pay, and nothing left for a life in the studio unfortunately. I'm just happy writing my songs at home and having them exist in some form, even if it is a rough and ready one-take on my phone. It's still good fun :)


C'mon man, you know the idea here is that you don't hype stuff you've done before the challenge has even started. Let's hear what you can put together now. You're capable of it, so go for it!