2022 is my fourteenth year of FAWMing! It's my favorite month of the year. This community is the best.

I (Michael Natrin) perform music full time as The Honey Badgers (@honeybadgerfolk), a singer-songwriter/folk/Americana duo with my wife Erin (@erinkelsey3). We're based in Delaware, but play all over the eastern USA. In 2019 we quit our day jobs and began touring and performing full time. It was a wild year - we played over 100 gigs, performed in 19 states, and covered over 22k miles while touring. Then the 2020 pandemic canceled the majority of our shows. 2021 kept us close to home. Now we will see what the future brings :)

I'm a Professional Electrical Engineer who used to work in the power utility industry. I also enjoy homebrewing beer and working on our Sprinter campervan tour vehicle when I have time.

Please let me know what you think of my songs. Recently upgraded to a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8; still using Logic Pro X. Sometimes just using a trusty decade old Zoom H4n recorder.

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