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I've just received a notification that someone kindly donated on my behalf. I'm very grateful and humbled. Thank you so much.

Thank you to everyone who is listening to my music, reading my lyrics, sharing your thoughts and ideas. I'm very grateful to you for your comments, suggestions and for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your sharing with me your experience and your perception of what you hear / feel about my entries.

I love collaborating. Please listen to my music and collaborations on https://nadiacripps.bandcamp.com/
or Soundclick: https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandID=936270
If you would like to have some ideas of my style and the way I record my music please feel free to get in touch if you would like to create something together. This year I'm trying out a new for me idea of multi-collaborations on the same songs. I'm happy to carry on with my usual format but I'm also open to different interpretations if my music might be of inspiration for different versions.

I occasionally create my piano scores. Here are some of the examples:


I'd Rather Hope Would Win by @musicsongwriter 3
Our Love Story by @musicsongwriter 3
Can you change your Fate_A different version by @musicsongwriter + @cts #collaboration #orchestral #piano #stage 5
Dance on the Rocks by @musicsongwriter #needs_collab #skirmish #s080722a #songskirmish 12
CAN YOU CHANGE YOUR FATE by @cts + @musicsongwriter #orchestral #piano #theater #thejellyfactory 11
Join us in our train Journey by @panch + @musicsongwriter #train #journey #swing 3
Anxious Waiting by @musicsongwriter #acoustic-piano #collaborations_welcome 4
Emptiness in the Air by @musicsongwriter #updated 2
Cold Fire by @mikehex + @musicsongwriter #piano #collab #memory #melancholy 2
UPDATED Lenore (Days and Nights I Think About You) by @billwhite51 + @musicsongwriter #edgar-allen-poe #loss #memories #sadness 9
Sing Along Your Song by @musicsongwriter #accompaniment #instrumental #needs_collab 1
Days and Nights I think about You by @musicsongwriter #c14604 #loss #memories #sadness 2
Join me in my Journey to the Past by @musicsongwriter #needs_collab #train #journey #acoustic_piano 4
I'd Rather Hope would Win / Formerly Personal Sonnet by @musicsongwriter 3
Old Film Rolls by @billwhite51 + @musicsongwriter #piano #memory #films #wistful 14
Robin's Wings by @musicsongwriter #acoustic #collaborations_welcome #robin #spiritual_meaning 3
Old Film Roll by @musicsongwriter #acoustic_piano #nostalgic 4
Galaxy by @musicsongwriter #superskirmish #instrumental #collaborations_welcome #dall-e 8
Stethoscope by @musicsongwriter #skirmish #folk #songskirmish #collaborations_welcome 9
Little Mermaid by @musicsongwriter 2
Beyond the Blue Clouds [orchestral version] by @florianhoffmann + @musicsongwriter 8
Internet by @musicsongwriter 3
THIS FLOWER by @cts + @musicsongwriter #spokenword #thejellyfactory #alfredlordtennyson #classical 14
The Sea of Red Roses by @musicsongwriter #love #melancholy #memories #romance 2
It's Personal by @cicpisces + @musicsongwriter #needs_vocals #needs_collab #needs_music 1
It Was Our First Waltz by @musicsongwriter #iloveshortsongs 2
Impossible to Say Goodbye to You by @musicsongwriter 3
Beyond the Blue Clouds by @musicsongwriter 6
Blue Starry Sky by @musicsongwriter 6
Gloomy Questions by @musicsongwriter #needs_collab #needs_instruments #iloveshortsongs 4
Once Upon a Birch Tree by @musicsongwriter #instrumental #collaborations_welcome #nostalgic 7
My Secret Crying by @musicsongwriter #instrumental #acoustic_piano 7
Face of Depression with added piano track by @musicsongwriter #depression 7
A Lonely Flower on a Road by @musicsongwriter #instrumental #acoustic_piano 8
The Way We Are Now by @billwhite51 + @musicsongwriter #moody #nostalgic 17
Emotions by @musicsongwriter #two_versions #instrumental #nostalgia #collaborations_welcome 4
Moody and Nostalgic Views by @musicsongwriter #nostalgia #acoustic_piano 5
Summer Night Sky by @musicsongwriter #instrumental #full_moon #acoustic_piano 6
Full Moon Reflection by @musicsongwriter #instrumental #full_moon #sky #reflections 9
If I had a Magic Wand by @musicsongwriter #acoustic #piano 6
There Will Never Be Anyone Like You by @musicsongwriter #collaborations_welcome #acoustic_piano 5
Escape in Dancing by @musicsongwriter #stage #theatre #acoustic #instrumental 5
I look up, I look down by @musicsongwriter #lyrics #needs_singer #updated 4
Summer Fair by @musicsongwriter #skirmish #summer #songskirmish #s071022 15
'I'll Take a Train' by @musicsongwriter + @katestantonsings 22
'They're Playing' by @musicsongwriter #acoustic #collaborations_welcome #playful 6
Wishful Drawing by @silvermediapro + @musicsongwriter #hip_hop #funk #instrumental 16
I Wish I Could Draw by @musicsongwriter #storycube #acoustic_piano 8
'I'll Take a Train' by @musicsongwriter 3
Their Love Will Never Fade by @musicsongwriter #collaborations_welcome #moviechallenge #romeo_and_juliet #love 4
'I Will Catch a Train' by @musicsongwriter #train #collaborationsverywelcome #iloveshortsongs 13
'Juliet Alone' by @musicsongwriter #moviechallenge 7
Their Tragic Love. Music to movie challenge "Romeo and Juliet" by @musicsongwriter #romeo_and_juliet #collaborations_very_welcome #moviechallenge 12


Thank you! Let's see what happens.


Thank you, dear Nadia, for your wonderful compliments about Summertime is the Best Time. You are too kind.

Thank you for commenting. I did receive your email. I will work on it on Monday: too many ppl in the house!


Hi Nadia I have put a demo up for Are you my first love now renamed ode to music

Thanks Nadia!


That's tough! I wish you lots of strength and faith! I have been there two years ago and I still don't enjoy showing demos with my voice...
Thanks for your comment, too!


Thank you! I just updated our collaboration as a new song. The rest will follow later the year.

Thank you for your kind words on "White Feather" and I'm pleased I could introduce you to a new song from Ed too. Hopefully not too many tears :O(


I have changed the ass part and it's better I think. See what you think.

Thanks Nadia and yes, it could be another genre and I can change ass as well, so if you can do it, that'd be great!


That's very kind of you. Thanks for your support 🤗 I hope we can collab someday, but I fear, I have to grow in my playing skills first. Live accompaniment - my biggest flaw *sigh* Maybe my guitar helps me to fix something I was not able to accomplish on piano.


Thanks for sharing your story. Yesterday night, I tidied up my neverending list of drafts... and I only deleted 5 projects and found 3 MIDI files with chord progressions.
I'm not used to write stuff for venting and processing. I mostly compose with the intention to make it final someday. But here too many bad confusing memories are present, so I cannot work on it. So I give it away, not caring if it will be a live acoustic recording or a full band song. I will not edit or produce.

I don't think that playing on click is a must. It depends on style and intention. I enjoy songs in rubato, with tempo changes etc, but I cannot accompany as my timing and instrumental playing is not good. I do 20 takes and correct. Cutting and tempo correction is very hard - rearranging and remixing impossible, because I need the freedom to move a single track to another place. I try to learn how to analyse and fix tempo with my DAW. That's where studio people and live performancers differ.


Thank you. I usually don't write personal lyrics, because it's very painful to set them into music. This time, I decided against it. Lets see what happens. If nobody comes, I'll trash it.


Hi Nadia! It's never boring collabing with you! Sure, go ahead with music for Summer's Got the Ball. I have nothing in mind musically for that lyric so if you find music in your piano there somewhere, I'll be delighted! 😀

Thanks Nadia! It means a lot to me.


Thanks, Nadia, for all your thoughtful and kind comments. I truly appreciate each one!

Thank you for listening!


Better than Prince? You are waayyyyy too kind! LOL!

thank you for the inspiration, nadia.

thank you for the inspiration, nadia.

Hey, Nadia - For your song, I got to a section I like pretty well for what I think of as the main section, the one with long waterfally lines:
I can post them here, or if you want me to email them to you, send me an email.

while listening again, i put some water on to boil for coffee and before the water had come to a boil. your music drew out from me a first draft of lyrics. now i just need to wait for my voice to heal a bit more before attempting to sing them.

Just replied (I didn't even know you could message via Bandcamp 😂 )

thank you for your concern. my covid case has been very mild. throat infection, fatigue, difficulty concentrating for long periods...my wife has had a much harder time of it. but is feeling better now. the hardest thing is having to quarenteen away from our daughter, who is being cared for by her grandparents who live downstairs from us.


Thank you Nadia, for your thoughtful comments!


Hi Nadia, thank you for your lovely comments. Yes, I'd love for you to try creating music for my lyric If Love Was Everywhere.

Thanks for your wonderful comments on my songs!

I've added you to the song. I've added my email on my profile. Here : cc060369@aol.com.
Thank you


Email sent, m'lady! 😀


Yes, yes, and yes! And you're welcome! And I'm so glad you like it. I really am. It's always a joy to work with you!


yooooooohooooooo..... 😄

@musicsongwriter Hey, thank you for your lovely words on my song, It's Personal. Happy for you to collaborate on the song. I can add you on it.

Nadia, So glad you liked the latest version of But I Did. I thought Kate's vocals and Dominick's bass & percussion really worked well together. Thanks for listening to both versions and for commenting!

Hi Nadia, Thanks for commenting on some of my lyrics. I haven't been so productive this year as Life has given me lemons since last October. I got COVID and my husband who died, just recently go lyme from a tick bite. All has sort of zapped my energy and my passion of songwriting.

Hi Nadia, Thanks for commenting on some of my lyrics. I haven't been so productive this year as Life has given me lemons since last October. I got COVID and my husband who died, just recently go lyme from a tick bite. All has sort of zapped my energy and my passion of songwriting.

Hi Nadia, Thanks for commenting on some of my lyrics. I haven't been so productive this year as Life has given me lemons since last October. I got COVID and my husband who died, just recently go lyme from a tick bite. All has sort of zapped my energy and my passion of songwriting.

Hi Nadia! I just loved Blue Starry Sky! It really has something very special. I just wondered about scoring as I mainly write for guitar I remember my melodies when I see the chords (which are simplistic). The few times I’ve written on piano I was so scared I would forget how the tune went as it was much more complex so I scored it out. Which took ages! So are you able to recall the hundreds of songs you’ve written or if you listen to the recording does it jog your memory? I’m fascinated!

Hi Nadia! I just loved Blue Starry Sky! It really has something very special. I just wondered about scoring as I mainly write for guitar I remember my melodies when I see the chords (which are simplistic). The few times I’ve written on piano I was so scared I would forget how the tune went as it was much more complex so I scored it out. Which took ages! So are you able to recall the hundreds of songs you’ve written or if you listen to the recording does it jog your memory? I’m fascinated!


Big hugs, Nadia 🤗 I appreciate and trust your words and intuition. I'm not there yet. If I really wanted to record this on my own it would take me some years cause I lack of equipment and a minimum set of skills. Otherwise the beginner will shine through a semi-professional arrangement. I already applied lots of voodoo on my demo. As I'm stoll waiting for our decision I cannot go out and seek...


Thanks for your kind words Nadia. Yes, I have been sad when I recorded 😆 I still don't feel comfortable as a singer. The chorus oohs and the background vocals have been the hardest part. I think it's a good song, but I often wish somebody else sang it. No idea yet how we will continue on that draft.

Nadia, thanks so much for listening and commenting on But I Did. Collabing with Kate is a wonderful experience...she took my lyric and made it into something wonderful! I agree that her choices kept the song moving and more and more interesting to hear as it went along. That's real talent.

Thank you so much, I’ll check it out as soon as I’m in reach of a computer again. Seems like SoundCloud doesn’t provide the messenger on the app


Thanks for the listen and comment on my collab with Geoff!


Thanks again! Haha, this time I didn't play guitar. I wanted it so badly but the song is a bit too fast and too hard for me. After transposing the chord shapes became too weird and I didnt want to mount the capo on such a high fret. Sure I'll keep you posted! I just hope I find collab partners cause I cannot pull that off and don't feel like a singer...


Thank you so much, Nadia, for your comments on "Clock Into Our Life". So encouraging to hear that Nancy and I did one that got some toes tapping.

thank you for your kind comments on he died in nara. one thing i love about collaborations is that i write songs i never would have otherwisr written,

Thanks for your kind comments!

Thank you Nadia for your lovely comment on I'm Not Sick.


That would be all kinds of wonderful. Send it my way! 😄

Thank you so much! I’m really happy that you are as delighted as I am to colab with you :) I haven’t listened to all of your songs just yet, but „Full Moon reflection“ magically draws me in. I‘ll let you know when I listend to the other ones :)


Thanks for your nice words on my blues! I'm still far away from a guitar hero! Playing on click is a struggle and some strings still sound muted. I'm super happy how far I came with one year but I'm not confident enough to record something for real yet. I'm looking forward to the collab 😀


Wow, I am so flattered by your comments on "Wish it Was Me". My heart (and face) is glowing. Thank you, sincerely.

Thank you so much for your kind words on „In your glow“, it really means a lot to me! And I love your compositions. Maybe if I feel magically drawn to one piece that could work with lyrics (not so easy, because I like you playing solo a lot) we could colab? Would be an honor.

and thank you Nadia for your beautiful music that inspired me.

Thanks Nadia. Roddy did magic with my words

i sent you an email with song attached

Nadia, Glad you enjoyed Small Dreams. I thought panch perfectly captured the vibe I was going for. Thanks for commenting.

whatever is easiest for you. you could email the file to me at Bwhi51@yahoo.com or send me the link for me to download.


Thanks Nadia! I'll email you something when ready....


Thanks for listening to "Sunlight Bouncing On The Window"! I appreciate hearing your thoughts.

HI Nadia. Good to see you here. Thanks for your comment on my existential wilderness diddy.

Thank you for everything Nadia--the inspiration, encouragement, and friendship!! Hope you're having a creative and productive Thursday <3


Thank you, Nadia 😀 It could be better with a real guitar and a proper singer. But I don't own an electric and even if, it would take me 5 years to learn how to play the techniques needed for that song. I hope somebody helps me ^^ I'm glad that you enjoyed my draft!

Nadia, Thank you for your very flattering comments on Broken. I was blown away David's interpretation of the lyrics and how he turn them into a fabulous song. I hear that same inspiration in your music.

Thank you for your kind comment on my collab with @McTown, Nadia! I'm so pleased you liked it :)

Hi Nadia, I'm glad you liked the story, I've started working on a lyric for If I had a magic wand, is that ok?


Yes same email alexneilmunro@gmail.com


Hi Nadia keen to collaborate and give it a try email me the track if you can thx Neil


Thank you so much, Nadia! Coming from full band productions, I'm not used to sparse arrangement and instrumentals. I just sat down and played something on my guitar. If somebody joins and we decide to turn it into a bigger production, it will be up on my social media in some months (or years, when I have finally own some micrphones). Just the usual business 😊


Thx so much. It was a fun collab and Kate's vocals are always stellar.

Thank you thank you thank you for your wonderful comment on “Everything Shines Forever.” So grateful for the feedback. You all are making me seriously think about using that song in place of my title track for my forthcoming EP. I have you all to thank for that.
I am egregiously behind on listening to music. I will do so soon. Thank you for your patience. Keep writing. You got this! And again, thank you!


Hi Nadia! I'll be starting late but hope to get some new stuff written, collaborate and hear all your new music! What a great start you've gotten! Enjoy!


Hi Nadia thx for your comment on my song about Music being my first Love. Glad you here and hope to do something together in the next 90 days. Have a fab 5090

Hi Nadia! Thanks for the nice words on Personals. 😊 Yes, of course we can do something together! Some ideas: I do like your “I’ll Take a Train” a lot. 👍 I could imagine adding some symphonic backing to it or rearranging it as an orchestral piece, for example - I believe it would make for a grand soundtrack. I also like “They’re Playing” - but this one is so good in itself that I’m not sure whether adding my vocals or anything else wouldn’t make it worse. 🫣 If you’d like to make something new, I love so much music I don’t even know where to start. 😅 A Disney ballad? A Joe Hisaishi piece like The Sixth Station or One Summer’s Day? Eros Ramazzotti’s Cantico, minus the Italian?

Hi Nadia, thanks for your comments on "Hear Me Now" I really appreciate it. I think the issue with the sign in was the fact that 50/90 is now a subdomain of the FAWM site and not a separate entity and @songwritingzen is my FAWM name. I don't mind it though as it keeps everything all in one place :)

anytime! i'm always open for collaborations 😄 i just now replied to your email, so hopefully i was able to answer your question well! 🙏

hey thank you again for allowing me to sample your piece! 🙏 i uploaded my remix and tagged you as a collaborator! 😄 https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/songs/372

Hi Nadia! Thanks for your lovely comment on Jack in the box, and for helping me hashtag it #firstfruits ! Thank you 😊Looking forward to hearing lots of your beautiful piano compositions.

My apologies, Nadia, wasn’t being serious on that 😀 I think it’s brilliant you’ve got so much out of the prompt! Fabulous start to 5090 👏


That is one of my absolute favorite collaborations (along with It’s Hot, Hot, Hot). Yes, I certainly do plan on collaborating. Work is a bit hectic so right now the most I can do is spectate. Don’t worry - jelly is coming!

look forward to hearing your music this summer!

Thank you for your comment on The distance between us. To clarify things, i didn't play in the piano parts, I just dragged in midi notes 'till I made something I liked.


Hello Nadia! Thank you! I am Looking forward to hearing your creative songs again.


Hello, my dear Nadia. So good to see that you're back for more fun. And we're going to have so much fun!

Nadia! So glad to see you here.

Hello, hope you have a nice 50/90!

Hey Nadia! Welcome back and I'm excited to hear the magical songs you create

Hello Nadia. Keep writing, keep recording. I find more and mroe I need the FAWM/5090 pressure/[prompt to keep rolling.

Hi Nadia. Good luck writing new songs this 2022 summer :)



Hello, Nadia. I hope you and your son are doing well. Wishing you a wonderful 50-90. 😊

Hi Nadia! Looking forward to hearing your lovely creations this summer!!


Welcome back, Nadia! Excited to hear your piano

Hi Nadia! Same to you! Happy songwriting my friend!


Hey Nadia - excited to hear what you write this summer, and to see what we make together! Have a great 50/90!

Hiya, happy 50/90!

And the same to you, Nadia! Let's do this!

Looking forward to hearing your music Nadia!

Another summer, another great chance to hear you enchanting piano tunes. I'm looking forward to listening this summer!

To you as well! I hope you have a wonderfully musical summer.

Hello to you! I look forward to hearing your piano this summer!

Hello Nadia, have a great 5090!

Hi, Nadia! Happy 50/90! Love your piano comps, so beautiful, and looking forward to hearing more!