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mike skliar

I've in New York City ,and have participated in FAWM every year since 2006. I play acoustic & electric guitar, mandolin, bass, harmonica, a bit of dobro and banjo, etc. I write a mix of the serious & comic, and sometimes (just sometimes) some topical/political songs.

I have two older cds from back in 2000-2008 on CD Baby (which is now defunct, there's other places to find them, contact me if you want)

More recent projects, since 2012, are on bandcamp (mostly all free or pay-what-you-want (and free is fine!)- https://mikeskliar.bandcamp.com/

The most recent one, released March 2022, (drawm mostly from 2022 FAWM) is "Interesting Times", I think it's one of my better ones, and is at:

From the older ones, one very different project I should mention, "Chill on Chill" - an electronica-flavored virtual instrument album- a big departure for me- an all-instrumental groovefest, and hopefully alot of fun, especially as you don't have to hear me sing! I https://mikeskliar.bandcamp.com/album/chill-on-chill

Finally, the last few years I've been part of a collaborative musical project, "Seth & Skliar" with a good friend of mine who is a NYC Cabdriver- our debut album from 2016 is a combination of spoken word, songs, poems & stories about NYC, cab driving, etc.. it's called "The Bards of Gridlock" - its a real trip!

what else?... he/him pronouns, ..........happy fawming everyone!


My bags are packed by @mikeskliar #folk #bluesy #travel #minor_key 7
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The Professor and Mary Ann by @mikeskliar #ukulele #nostalgia #silly #uke 10
My river goes with me (collab) by @mikeskliar + @stephenwordsmith #acapella #collab 10
My heart has got its own orchestration by @mikeskliar #skirmish #blues #harmonica #heart 16
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Screws it up for you and me by @mikeskliar #blues #political #shakespeare #resonator 7
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Conspiracy by @mikeskliar #blues #political #topical #talkingblues 8
If looks could kill by @mikeskliar #skirmish #harmonica #songskirmish #iflookscouldkill 16
Sliding in the sugar (instrumental) by @mikeskliar #instrumental #resonator #slide 8
Cryptic apocalyptic by @mikeskliar #climate #protest #political #topical 12
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Trying to dodge the virus and not get sick (skirmish) by @mikeskliar #sick #s071722 #skirmish 16
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Aliens from space are coming by @mikeskliar #strange #aliens #philosophical #space 12
What will it take to convince you (improv) by @mikeskliar #blues #improvisation #throwaway 6
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No god but me and you by @mikeskliar #non-religious #singalong #acoustic #folk 11
Turning the winter of discontent into the summer of love (skirmish) by @mikeskliar #skirmish #protest #political #mandolin 18
Train to nowhere by @mikeskliar #train #challenge #trainchallenge 12
Me I like you by @mikeskliar #resonator #short #love #silly 9
Just a simple love song by @mikeskliar #acoustic #lovesong #love 14
The riddles you neglected by @mikeskliar #baritone #philosophical 12
Silence after Highland Park by @mikeskliar #bluesy #guncontrol #protest #political 13
Unhappy July 4th by @mikeskliar #folk #protest #guitar 20

Thanks for the feedback on "Six Feet Of Printouts" - I think most people would think of the more famous Margaret Hamilton but I want the software engineer to be better known :). I'm now leaning towards leaving the two moons alone, as it were.

Also, enjoy your trip! I look forward to hearing about it in song :).

Iceland is great, it's a pretty unique place. Everything there is more expensive, so double check your packing (I had to buy an electrical adapter and it was stupid expensive). I have a friend there who showed us around to some of the hot springs, swimming and hiking spots that are local favorites. Reykjavik is fun, in a low key kind of way. Hope you have a great time!


Thanks for the comment on 'Lonely City'!

Thank you so much for your commentary on Song From Off That Shelf - This is a whole new world for me, & I am not well-versed in the recording/tech end...my experience has always been about live performance, so dipping my toes into the water of functional file-making & sharing is the challenging part. I am loving the challenge options to be found here - this is one of those songs I never would have written without that kind of impetus, so I can't wait to see there all that takes me!

Thanks for your feedback on "Seven of Swords". This might give you a chuckle - the "war" rhyme actually came from rhyme zone! 🤣 Anyway, the interesting result of this was that commenters focused on the lines I liked, but were fine with the ones I was unhappy with. Weird! I think I'll let this one sit a week or so and come back with fresh eyes and maybe fresh rhymes. 😊


Hi, Mike. I’m flattered and grateful for your kind comments about Not To Live a Lie. I can see how the tempo and style might work better if it was a bit less jaunty. I’ll experiment with slowing it down.

All good :) You're not the first to point out that I sometimes make people navigate a minefield of phonemes - comes from operating from the context of silence, I guess. Consonants are easier to type than sing...

most of the music footage from sky river is out of sync. my idea was to use the grateful dead set from start to finish as the basic soundtrack with narration and some interviews mixed in with the footage, and add a prelude made of the pre-festival coverage from the local news and end it with a montage of band from whom we had synced footage. i was a volunteer during the pre-festival set up, building the stage, digging the light show pit, placing the sanikans, etc......there is a lot of footage of several festivals i knew nothing about floating around on youtube. . i did finish a short film with paul on a womad festival in washington and a concert tribute to phil ochs. sky river rock air was not to be. nadias music was so inspiring. i put some water on the stove to boil for coffee and before it had boiled, i had a first draft lyric. then i recorded it quickly, improvising the melody, in 2 takes. thank you for the comments.

@mikeskliar so, re: my song Heartstopper, I used the Skirmish prompt, but did NOT finish that within the hour (though I DID do it pretty quickly). But the skirmish prompt was inspiring so I ran with it.


Thanks for your comments!

Thanks! RE: beef heart sauce—it's called Detroit style chili nowadays and may or may not be made with beef heart but that was the main ingredient early on. It's a beefy tomato based brown chili. Like the vienna sausage it tops, I try not to think about the ingredients but it's delicious with onions and mustard.


Thank you so much for the great comment on Heartfelt Misconceptions, Mike. I know that Jeskola Buzz is a bit of an enigma to those not familiar with it, but yeah - I love pushing its creative limits to see what sounds & moods I can create with it. And yes, I do have a love for echoey delay+reverb that some might call an unhealthy obsession 😆 Again, thank you for the great comment.

See You In The Shadows…

Hey Mike! You are correct that I use '2' and '4' chord notation on my lead sheets as shorthand for sus2 and sus4 chords. Thanks for the Lou Reed and Mister Rogers comment and listen!

Hi, Mike. Cheers for the update. No rush at all - happy to be pleasantly surprised by the track when it arrives.


Thx Mike...same felling I had....and did mention that to Deyla

i dont deny joni her talent. i discovered her through judy collins, who i adore..but joni's personal life revolts me and is all over her music. i really cant stand that entire laurel canyon crowd, they had a few hit records and think they are royalty. i went to joni mitchell concert in boston and she refused to come on stage because a budweiser mural was placed where her own painting was inteneded.to be. i cant stand brats. i confess i do have all her records and listen to them occasionally, but her work has never meant much to me. just some good songs now and then, now baez...there is a true heroine.


Thanks for the comment on 'A Life of Unfulfilled Dreams'!

Nothing more intriguing than a mystery threesome. Thank you, and please keep me posted!

You have my blessing to play away! Thank you for stopping by and reading/listening with your mind's ear :)


Thank you! I was just ranting and wrote every thought down 😆

Thanks for the comments on "Rescue" Mike, sometimes words and music just click and they did in this case.

Thank you for the kind comment.

Thanks for your comment on "Land of the Free" - I'm delighted that you liked it since I've always admired your political songs!

Last time I was in Portland (just passing through for an afternoon and evening) I mentioned it on Facebook and it turned out an old colleague was in town, and he said he'd meet me and show me around. I said that was great, because I'd just been planning to spend the time in Powell's. He said, "Great! That's exactly where I was planning to take you anyway!"

Thanks and I did mean bizarre :). I just tried to right appeal and my phone changed it to Appleseed! It helps me to write about all of this.

Mike! Thank you for the awesome comment - that album has a special place in my heart too ❤️ . More importantly though, thank you for buying the Bandcamp album, that's really above and beyond - I'm ridiculously grateful! What a hero you are :)

I appreciate you putting my tune in the recommended songs thread. That means a lot to me 😄

All good. It's much easier to write amazing comments than amazing songs, I'll tell you that.

Thanks for your comments on "Them's the Breaks" and "Present and Near". From you lips to the DOJ's ears!

thanks for your comments on mr 1%, i added the profanity warning for wordophobes. i admit the lyric is thin. i was interested more in the voice and argot of the character than in making a case against a particular group of people. the things he says may or may not be true. but this is how he wants people to see him.


thanks for your kind comment! I enjoyed (if I can say that) your Unhappy 4th song.


Thanks for the comment on my first 50/90 song!

Regular guitar, no special tuning. :)

Crap. You used the filibuster/muster rhyme, too. Well... gotta rewrite that, lol!

I think many terms are interchangeable these days, when i was doing history it was Tsars and Czars !

woo hoo! he finally made it! good to see you mate.


I've got my righteous indignation on high so we can collab!
Looking forward to it!

Hey, hope you have a nice 50/90!

Hope you can find something to write about this summer! ;)

Happy 50/90, Mike :)


You found the secret key! welcome

Hey there! Have a terrific 50/90; world events are certainly (and sadly) giving you plenty to work with, if you're inclined to do more political songs. But whatever you choose to do, I look forward to it!

Hey glad you found the secret passageway!

And with rock hands too - woohoo!