First 50/90 - setting the bar low and hoping for a song or two per week.


I don't seem to write much if I don't have some incentive. Grateful for this challenge and for @metalfoot who invited me to show up.
Started writing music again in 2020.

In FAWM 2022 I submitted two or three songs that weren't really finished. And THEN I saw that we're supposed to finish the songs. I will try to do better this time.

Props to my husband, who talked me into getting an iPad (I didn't think I needed it, but I do most of my recording on it), bought me an iRig, bought me a decent microphone, listens to my songs. And to his brother who told me about FAWM in the first place.

I've spent more time recently making decent GarageBand arrangements for old songs that I started putting up on YouTube a few weeks ago. So it's good to know I'll be writing again.
So there's all kinds of fun to be had, but not enough time to get any of it done.

*Hopefully sometime soon I can sit and listen to a few more songs. These 'Peg Canucks are running me ragged...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜΄πŸ˜œ. (Kidding. They are most excellent types.)


under our wheels by @miga #roadtripsong #americana 2
words by @miga #acoustic_one_take #minimalism #meditative 2
flesh & blood by @miga #indie_rock 2
melodica melody by @miga #instrumental #odd_instrument 3
what do you mean by this? by @miga #lofi #liveloops 6
why I bled by @miga #firstfruits 4

@miga Thank you for listening to some of my songs and for your observations/comments. FAWM is such a great place to interact and learn!


Thanks for those kind words about β€œclock into our life”. That nice pedal steel is courtesy of Bandinabox.

looooveed your vibe! subscribed to your youtube. we should collaborate!

Thank you for multiple kind comments!!!

I am SO GLAD you came out to play for 50/90!

I wish you a good season of writing, be that 1 song or 100! (Or some reasonable number between)