Joined Boston US

Mark Greenberg

Looking forward to 2022 50/90 and hearing from friends old, new and soon-to-be

As I've said before, I tend to write songs with realistic imagery and I generally prefer to keep 'em short. I'll post as many songs as I can comfortably create. Last summer it was one. Hope to do more this summer.

I've always appreciated the on-line and special in-person friendships I've made in this group, and the positive attitude of so many creative people.



Thanks for the comment on 'Be Alive', any 'banjo' sound must be one of the keyboard synth instruments!

Stopping in to say hi and see how things are going! Hope you are having a fun summer!! 😀

Thanks for the comment on my first one.

Happy 5090ing...


Thanks for the comment on my first 50/90 song!

Hehe sorry, not sorry! Ha ha! Thank you for stopping by and commenting on Come and Get Me 🙂

Hey, there, hey, there! Hope all is well in the wine of plenty! Happy 50/90!!

Happy writing!

Hi Mark! Good to see you!