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Linda Mielke

My interest in music started in 2014 when I saw a group of seniors in a circle jam at the local community centre. I decided to join in and I bought a mandolin, and have been trying to play it since then. Mandolin is really my only instrument, but I do have a 5 string banjo and a kazoo for fun. I also started songwriting at the beginning of COVID to have something to challenge me during the isolation periods.
This is my second 50/90. I continue to learn new techniques. During 50/90 2021, I made a multiple track song, and I managed to use GarageBand during FAWM 2022. I have continued to experiment since with many new techniques.
I also quilt. A lot. I make quilting "How to videos" on YouTube.


Dancing' In The Moonlight by @mandolinda #skirmish #s080722a #songskirmish #dance 8
Live by @mandolinda + @srcoops #banjo #iloveshortsongs 3
20. Clouds by @mandolinda #clawhammer #banjo #favorite 6
I Had A Nice Holiday by @mandolinda #canada #mandolin #iloveshortsongs 3
If Looks Could Kill by @mandolinda #skirmish #mandolin #songskirmish #iflookscouldkill 15
Focus by @mandolinda + @srcoops #thankful #garageband 5
Through the Eyes of an Artist /It Feels Like by @mandolinda + @dragondreams 5
Ready or Not by @mandolinda + @kahlo2013 #movietitlechallenge #experimental #horror #garageband 3
The House and The Old Man by @mandolinda #mandolin #favorite 6
Wooden Leg Blues by @mandolinda + @mrgee1952 #mandola 6
Sick and tired by @mandolinda #mandola #skirmish #songskirmish #sick 15
Same Old Movie Different War by @mandolinda + @yewnorker 6
It Wasn't Me by @mandolinda + @andrea #garageband 10
No Regrets by @mandolinda #mandolin #icebreaker 10
Summertime by @mandolinda #skirmish #summer #songskirmish #s071022 19
Gramma, I'm Having A Crisis by @greengrassgirl + @mandolinda #humour #mandolin 5
Ice Cold Lemonade by @mandolinda + @sunfire #garageband 10
Wherever You Go by @mandolinda + @crisp1 #mandolin 7
My Giraffe by @mandolinda #mandolin #favorite 8
It's Waffle Time by @mandolinda + @yam655 #mandolin 8
Mom's Brownie Camera by @mandolinda #mandolin 5
Faeries Ballet by @mandolinda + @freddie13 #garageband #mandolin 8

Much thanks, Linda, for reading and commenting on my "Still Quiet Moment" lyrics. Touched to hear that they spoke to you and so appreciate your offer to put them to music. I'd be just as happy to have you do so and look forward to you bringing that to light--mandolin alone, or along with any other instrument you play and see fit to use.


Hi Linda, thank you so much for the great comment on Slow Dance. I think I'd call it Instrumental Rock, but it certainly has some Grunge guitar tones. Not sure if that's enough to call it Grunge, tho… But Instrumental Grunge might work.

See You In The Shadows…


Linda, you are growing in leaps and bounds. I am so impressed. When 50/90 is over I am going to take a look at garage band. I still want to learn guitar and am getting better, but garage band does so much. Keep having fun! Congrats on your accomplishments :)


Thanks for your lovely comments The Storm and She's My Wildflower.


Thanks for the comment on my collab with @lyricslinger !

I would be delighted to have you work something up for Live.

Which lyric?

Thanks for your wonderful comment about my vocals on Cold in the sunshine - I am very happy about that!


Thanks for your comments on my Surprise Symphony. No, I don't normally start with any images in my head, although they can develop as I create the track. This one was a bit sad from the off, so your feeling of a sad ending is probably justified :-) - I would like to develop music that goes with thoughts or ideas, but my creation process can be pretty random at times! But for this track, I'm happy to go with the loon swimming down the river....

Hey! Thanks for commenting on Looks Get Killed. Funny, but I could actually see flamenco dancing for this in some sort of video where someone innocent or naive charts uncharted territory and gets a crash course in life that plays out in more ways than one.

Thanks for checking out "Look Sharp!"

That's great! I'm sure they'll enjoy such a beautiful country and return with many fond memories!

I would be happy for you to do Focus

I love it! Thank you for turning it into such a lovely song. 😄

Go for it, Linda!

That is totally and deliciously dark and creepy and quirky and so much fun!!!

And by the way, grace is used in the lyric a couple of ways … grace as the word and Grace is also the name of the bride who married into this deranged disturbing muderous family - she is literally hunted for the kill during this night game and escapes…

Ha! Please! I would love that! I wouldn’t watch that movie either - the trailer was two minutes too much for my taste - but it was fun to write about and I look forward to your music!

Thanks for your kind comment!

I like where you took the lyrics for Wooden Leg Blues. Nicely done!

Linda, What a compliment on Broken! Thank you. I love the way David envisioned this lyric and how he produced it. Glad you did, too.

Wooden Leg Blues - go wild. Look forward to hearing the result.


Thank you for your warm and knowledgeable comments Linda!


Thank you so much for the great comment on my Halcyon Nights track. It was composed over a number of lunch ½ hours, but in general, composing things in Jeskola Buzz (or any Tracker user interface, really) is generally a lot quicker than the workflow offered by traditional DAWs. It was fun to put together & I am currently working on another "Lunchtime Track" that will hopefully be completed sometime this coming week…

See You In The Shadows…

I love your comment about the lyricists here. I’m so impressed by the way you are so eager to learn new things and taking on the challenges of a DAW. Way to go!


Ditto thanks from me for checking out I Hate Love. Alternative version coming up later today.

Thanks for your comments on I Hate Love. I'm glad you liked it! You have an impressive list of songs here!

Absolutely, Linda! Thanks.


I have downloaded Garage band onto my phone, but haven't opened it once. I thought I might take a look when I go on vacation. You will keep getting better the more you work with it. Don't give up the uke though! Your playing is sounding so good!


Thanks for the update Linda. Take all the time you need :)


Thank you, Linda! I'm so happy to read your words, because my imagination is not picturesque.


Hi Linda,
I do not have a collaborator for It Wasn't Me. I am so happy you are interested and excited to hear what you come up with!! Let me know if you need me to tweak anything, but feel free to make small changes if you to 😀

Thank you so much for the lovely comments, Linda. 😀

Hi Linda, you're being productive! I hope this pushes me to write/record some new songs too. Summertime is hard for songwriting.

Thank you so much for collaborating! I hope there will be more.

Hi, Mandolinda! I'd love to hear how you envision Ice Cold Lemonade.
Go for it! : )


Wherever You Go is yours, Linda. Enjoy!

Thanks for your comment on Fun for Grandpa. I have 13 of them from 4 to 27, I have some good techies too.

Hi Linda, thank you for your comment on Jack-in-the-box, glad you enjoyed it!


Thanks for the comment. If that was you asking to cover "Waffle Time" you're more than welcome! 😀


Linda, it's been a time. Got a bad infection at the same time my father passed, with all the complications there. Got COVID in early May, and just had a traffic accident (not my fault!) so I've been busy and preoccupied. Things are calming down now, and I'm looking forward to 50/90!


Glad to see you again Linda!

Glad to see you.

Looking forward to your special brand of yummy, my friend. I hope you have a wonderful Summer Songhunting season.


You are all geared up and you have a place to go....5090 !! It is waiting for you. Have a good one.