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!As noted in the ccwelcome tag, constructive criticism generally welcomed and encouraged, and I hope to further direct critical attention with the tag, but by all means feel free!

That handle is a lot to type, but it's not going anywhere. Some call me Tim.

Holy Smackers, I made it back for 5090 2022! Looking forward to it. Not gonna pursue the 50 but I intend to put a bunch up, along a variety of lines. I've been working on finding an intersection between country folk and flamenco playing chops wise so I plan to explore that. I'm also bought myself a Novation Circuit Tracks so look for some bad techno. I'm currently immersed in programming a Zoia so maybe some ambient type noodling. I plan to rewrite a double album that covers the worst time of my life that never made it to the finish line. Not new, but never fawmmed and it's gotta be done closure wise. And on a lighter note some kids songs if I can get the girls to participate. Looking forward to seeing all the stuff you all create - old fawm-buds and new. Best best best.

FAWM class of 2011.


I am a musician and graphic designer who has always been fascinated by stories - both those we tell to one another and those we create together. I love music most when it's making me feel like I'm going crazy.


Yep. Yep. And Yep. Stories. Nothing better than stories. Unless it’s stories turned into song. Looking forward to hearing yours.


Hey, thanks for stopping by. I’m looking forward to some music from you!