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Andrea Campanile

After joining FAWM in 21 and 22 I am back to my first 50/90! I am a newbie with making music. Already started to learn e-bass in February. Using Garageband as DAW.
Love to write poems and fairytales. Cannot sing but tries sometimes to do some spoken word tunes.
Very interested in collabs as I did a lot in Feb 22.

Influences? Such a lot! Beatles, Kate Bush, Marc Hollies, Sigur Ros, Miles Davis, Nirvana, Beastie Boys, Massive Attack, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Bob Marley, Sting, The Police, U2, Nils Landgren, Manu Katche‘, Indigo Girls, Stevie Wonder, Runrig, Mardie Grass Brass Band, Georg Danzer, Elvis Presley, Paul Simon, Simon & Garfunkel, Zupfgeigenhansl, Ougenweide,….

Call me she/her/Andrea/Mahtowin

Constructive feedback to my bass playing is welcome - but only if you have in mind that I started learning e-bass in Feb 2022 :-)

As you can see above I am German. English is not my mother tongue and I often struggle with the translation when I comment on songs - I try to do it but it will not be very detailed.


Gespräch einer Hausschnecke mit sich selbst by @mahtowin #experimental #weirdro #spokenword #german 2
Die Alte / The Crone by @mahtowin + 2 others #ambient #experimental #spokenword #magick 4
call to a prayer (#slothscore) by @mahtowin + @dukemeyer #slothcore 8
Die im Dunkel / army of darkness by @mahtowin #movietitlechallenge #experimental #gregorain #german 9
ancient moon (instrumental) by @mahtowin #fullmoonchallenge 8
dirty slow ride by @mahtowin #slothcore 10
no words 2 (instrumental) by @mahtowin #slothcore 5
cold in the sunshine by @mahtowin 13
the road not taken by @mahtowin #storycube 7
taurus rising (instrumental) by @mahtowin #cowcore 8
no words (instrumental) by @mahtowin 7


No problem!
Take your time! :)


Hey, here's an idea for a Collab, if you are in the mood; if you would ever want me to read that Dylan Thomas poem over one of your backing tracks I'd be up for that.
No pressure, just an option for you!!

It's fabulous! Thank you so much for adding your incredible magick to my tune. I love your words, your delivery, and that e-bass just adds the cherry on the icing.


Made my day! LOTR is just German in reverse 🤣

Done. 😄

I'll do both. It will be good for me to remember how to use WeTransfer. ;-)

I can upload it to my own server for download, if that would be acceptable? It's a while since I last used WeTransfer...

Thank you so much for the listen and the kind comments! And please feel free to add the spoken words. I can't wait to hear what you do with this! 😄

Thanks for visiting my songs "Before The Rain" and "Find Your Light", I appreciate your comments!

Thank you so much, Andrea!! You comments on my songs were super kind and thoughtful. It's nice to meet you :)

Hi Andrea! Thanks for commenting on my 'Doomed Commercial District' track. You're more than welcome to do what ever you want with the 'lyrics' of the track, I'd be extremely interested to hear what you come up with!


Unfortunately the "real" life is limiting my time very much but I hope to do record some older idea(s).

Thanks for your kind comments on my songs. Added a follow to keep up with your work!


I really enjoyed Die im Dunkel!
I urge you to post more Experimental tunes! There is a solid group of Experimental/ weird musicians here who would really enjoy songs like that.


Thank you for your wonderful comments on my songs. Yes, now that I listen again the voice could indeed be the ninja in space 😆

I'm still a little shocked that #slothcore became a thing, but it's so awesome to hear how everyone has taken the idea & put it into music. I'm glad you could join the #slothcorerepublic 😄

See You In The Shadows…

LOL! I have deleted my two extra posts! I kept pressing the submit button but it didn't show as sent! I'm going to listen to your other songs when I get in x

Hi Mahtown, I have an Ibanez too, a red one, her name is Phoenix. I am only a beginner on double bass and use a lot of open strings, but I really want to improve with Youtube tutorials. If you ever want to play double bass in the future, playing electric bass really helps, it's the same but bigger although mine is a half size. I can tell you are passionate about the bass! My double bass is called Buddy and is male for some reason (maybe I like a male about the place lol). My friend who transported it to a gig for me calls him 'the beast' so now he is Buddy the Beast

Thank you for your lovely comments on Jack-in-the-box. I have to say your electric-bass playing is remarkably good, well, brilliant really, after only a few months! I really enjoyed listening to Cold in the Sunshine. You've inspired me to get my electric out. What bass do you have?

Thank you for your lovely comments on my songs, much appreciated.

Hey, thanks for your comment on my song Can We Be Friends, I'm really glad you liked it. I'm sorry to hear about your relationship. I do hope that you are in a happier place now. All the best with your 50/90, I hope you have a great one!