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Lavish Dude


Lavish Dude's debut album, Leading Off, was recorded in July 2022 in a cabin in Northern Michigan!

Lavish Dude is the acousto-garage folk/jam/grunge rock band that nobody asked for, but everybody needs! Andrew Russell (@deadhead) and Sean Brennan (@seanbrennan) share vocal duties, instrument-hop, and occasionally turn three-chord pop tunes into psychedelic jams. Come down and enjoy the ride!

FAWM 2019: https://ajrussell.ca/albums/lavish_dude_fawm_2019
FAWM 2021: https://ajrussell.ca/albums/lavish_dude_fawm_2021
FAWM 2022: https://ajrussell.ca/albums/lavish_dude/fawm_2022

Lavish Dude's first FAWM effort was entirely written, recorded, and produced between February 8 and February 10 of 2019. After taking 2020 off (with the exception of two songs in the spring), FAWM 2021 was conducted virtually in the throes of the pandemic, with correspondence mixing and the occasional Upbeat rehearsal session. 2022 represented the first LD "win" within regulation FAWM! 14 tunes in 28 days.

Songs (4):

Log Jam by @lavishdude + 2 others 2
Forget What You Mean by @lavishdude + 2 others 1
Lost at Sea by @lavishdude + 2 others 4
It Was You by @lavishdude + 2 others 1


Hey there! I'm new to FAWM but I use the same name all over the Internet, so you might have just come across me elsewhere 😀