14th year FAWMer , coffee-addicted singer/songwriter, playing and singing solo and in the German band "Singvøgel", stubborn user of her mother tongue for lyrics (don't worry, I'll provide translations), intending to have as much fun as can possibly be squeezed into the shortest month of the year.

Check out my Singvøgel bandmates:
@sentense (who also accompanies my solo program with percussion)


How I work:
Mostly with my guitar, sometimes lyrics first, sometimes music. Recording with a Zoom H4n, mixing with Mixcraft. I am not very tech savvy, so don't expect professional productions here (hopefully they'll come later, in collaboration with people who know what they're doing). ;-)

Pronouns: she/her

Re: Song download for FAWM participants - After the end of FAWM you are welcome to message me for a download link!