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Kurtis Kanttila

Good day, it's Kurtis Kanttila, 25 year old One Man Rock 'n Roll Band from Northern Ontario.

(Art by kemaltafwidh, it's Kaletta for my next album cover!)

I play everything and sometimes collab with friends. I started recording music in the summer of 2016 and I've made 22 albums so far. I'm a believer of prolific over perfect.

This FAWM I will start my 23rd album, "Earthshaker". I have a clear intention and you're gonna hear it. I have some new gear and techniques to work out so I view this as a "smash things around until they sound good" album.

"College Cosplay Meeting" w/ 2 b-sides

This playlist is a sampler of sorts of what I do.

You can check out my model kit videos here.

Also, My Top 100 Favorite Albums list!


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