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Born in raised in Madison, WI. Transplanted to Brooklyn, Jamaica, and finally Springfield. Versed in chamber pop and rock, while expanding musical horizons to experience electronic and ambient musics and experiment with modular and chaotic synthesis. Overfed with science fiction and fantasy and actual science, and stay-at-home dad-ness.


Aurora Borealis by @kaminokai #chill #alternative_rock #chamber 2
Outcast by @kaminokai 0
Come Up for Some Air by @kaminokai 5
Astral Twins Inside the Wall by @kaminokai #indie_folk 2
The Eye of Sauron by @kaminokai 5
Find My Voice by @kaminokai 2
The Accords by @kaminokai #blues 1
Terminal Indulgence by @kaminokai #runnerjazz #cyberrock #slanguage 4
Rescue Me by @kaminokai 1
Orbiting Prometheus by @kaminokai #drone 3
Salvation by @kaminokai #odd_time_signature 2
Everything is Changing by @kaminokai #drone 3
Shiver by @kaminokai 2
Here is Everything by @kaminokai 4
Chasms by @kaminokai 3
Drifting Under by @kaminokai 3
The Drowned World by @kaminokai 2
Dangerous Game by @kaminokai 2
Pools by @kaminokai 0
Variant by @kaminokai 3
Sidereal Nagivation by @kaminokai 2
Upside Down by @kaminokai 3
Bad Wolf by @kaminokai 2
The Great Divide by @kaminokai #slothcore 4
Cowboy Music's Come and Gone by @kaminokai + @kingwoodkowboy #collaboration #cowboy 2
Me Against This Lonesome Trail by @kaminokai + @kingwoodkowboy #cowboy #collaboration 8
Thursdays by @kaminokai #avatarchallenge 9
Life of Crime by @kaminokai 4

Thank you so much for the kind comments! 😄
I really appreciate your time.

Thanks for the comment! That instrument is called a mbira. It's the ancestor of the kalimba and is typically played inside a resonator.

hey! you're off to such a great start with these songs! i have some catching up to do


Thanks for the comment on Rampart Lounge. :)
The synth I used for the pad was the Subtractor in Reason. :)

Thank you again, for recording "Cowboy Music's Come and Gone". The harmonica wah-wah-wah is awesome. I have a complete set of Honer harmonicas (in the desk drawer). Good roundup on tis one.

Kaminokai, Please do go ahead with your post and video of the song & thank you....Larry

Ref, "Me Against This Lonesome Trail". Thanks again for your working on this one too.

Kaminokai, thanks for viewing "Cowboy Music’s Come And Gone" and you are welcome to record it. Thanks...Larry

So glad to be back! I missed you FAWM and FAWMERS! My SoundCloud is full (and I don't want to delete any of it, as it is mostly FAWM songs from February of 2022), so I will be posting videos to YouTube for each song (at least until I can figure out how to use the FAWM song hosting thingy I just paid for...) :)